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Problems You Might Face As a First-Year College Student

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College experience is made up of so many things, so many opportunities, people and, of course, challenges. Students, who know how to avoid these pitfalls, will enjoy college life to the fullest. Today we will discuss some of the most burning problems that modern day university and college students face and possibly give some useful tips on how to overcome those concerns and make your college time truly unforgettable.

1.Financial stability.

In these tough economic conditions, the prime concern of many college students is to regain financial stability once away from home. When there are no parents around to provide for their financial needs, one has to be particularly aware of what wise managing of budget really means. For many first-year students the best option is to find a part-time job on- or off-campus. Some can even try to seek internship in the field of their future specialization. This will not only be a source of extra income but will also offer invaluable hands-on experience and help establish professional contacts.

2.Getting along with others.

Another great challenge to university and college students is getting along with so many new people at the same time. This is particularly true for those students who have to live in college dorms and share rooms with others.

3.Time-management skills.

This is not a secret that in college students are expected to work at a more academically advanced level. There are sure to be many challenging assignments, tasks and projects. Moreover, there are going to be deadlines for everything. Students are challenged to work pretty much on their own and a lot depends on how effectively a person can manage his time.

4.Getting into the course you want to take.

Many college freshmen find it difficult to get into the course they need. The number of students is growing and competition is getting tougher. This can be frustrating enough for a person who does not feel like fooling around for a whole semester to apply. In this case a student should keep an eye on the options available to him such as online classes, last-minute course openings etc. Another good advice is to have a backup course that is both available and useful for you.

5.Establishing contacts with the faculty.

Professors and faculty can be of great help and assistance to a student. However, it is not always easy to get along with these people. Building connections with teachers can help you advance academically and excel in your career.



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