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Powerful Body Language Tips to Help You Get Control over Any Situation

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Body language is an important communication instrument that not many people can use properly and to their benefit. This non-verbal communication tool helps convey and perceive unspoken messages that people give unconsciously. If you master this, you will be able to succeed in everything you do, be it business or private life.

Today we will discuss some of the most interesting and relevant body language tips that effective leaders use. Learn to control your body to take full advantage of any situation.

1.Mind your pose while waiting for something.

It has been proven that the way you behave while waiting for an important meeting or a job interview tells a lot about how confident and prepared you are. Researchers say that a person who holds his body in authoritarian and energetic poses, for example, stands with straightened shoulders and head high in the air or spreads arms to occupy more space, shows his confidence and composure. Such poses are said to help lower stress level hormones. And vice versa, a person who subconsciously tries to shrink away, lowers his head and crosses arms on the chest, sends a message of feeling insecure, untrusting and defensive.

2.Get rid of distracting gadgets.

It is also helpful to replace your gadget with a newspaper when waiting for some meeting. A person holding a newspaper wide open gives an impression of a relaxed and confident man while your mobile phone requires you to sit hunching and pulling elbows to your waist.

3.Reach an agreement by sending early engagement signals.

It is not only important what you say but how you say it. Your movements, postures and actions can demonstrate your state of mind. Nodding, smiling, slightly leaning towards a person you are talking with, demonstrating open gestures and mirroring your opponent’s moves signal that you are friendly, constructive and willing to collaborate.

4.Remove physical barriers to encourage smoother interaction.

Chairs, laptop or a cup of coffee you are holding might form physical obstructions that can kill all collaborative efforts at the grassroots level. An interesting observation suggests that the way you hold your cup when speaking with someone can say a lot about how comfortable you feel at the moment. Thus, people who have their hands at waist level feel more at ease than those whose hands are chest high. Remove anything that can block your view or create barriers between and your opponents.

5.Make a positive last impression to seal the deal.

Even if you know for sure the deal has been sealed, do not forget to nail down your success. Set an eye contact with a person you have been talking to, give them a smile, and shake hands. In other words, make every effort to leave the person under the impression you are totally worth dealing with.

Follow these simple but effective body language tips and you are sure to increase your nonverbal awareness and gain better control of any situation.


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