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Parkour? Philosophy Aimed To Change the World!

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Well, many people would say that parkour is a rather dangerous and headless pastime but there are those for whom parkour means so much more than a sport, it is their lifestyle, a life philosophy, if you will. Hundreds of thousands of young people all over the world enjoy parkouring, which is an extreme way of quickly moving from one point to another, using both physical and mental abilities to overcome obstacles of different types. Parkour requires its practitioners to possess great physical strength, sense of balance and self-control, but above that they have to be creative in order to see how some objects can be applied beyond their traditional scope of use, and to be spatially aware of the environment.

The parkour philosophy came from France where it was first introduced by a stunt man and an actor Davis Belle. The young man always had a thing for such physical activities and started practicing parkour at a very early age. At that time not many people shared his passion and it was mostly viewed as a major social disruption. Eventually, however, the trend spread abroad and gained the sympathy of teenagers and young people, who regarded it to be a great way to both spend their pastime and develop important life skills such as personal and social responsibility, self-culture, concentration and drive for results that can be utilized to benefit their life.

It is a common misconception to reckon anyone, who is reckless enough to take and use the moves, in truly devoted parkour practitioners, for it takes more than just flips and spins to become a highly-skilled traceur. People who chose parkour as their lifestyle primarily view it as a way to establish a balance between the mind and the body and interact with the world around them.These people value collaboration and community, but show their disregard for anti-social behavior, posing and recklessness. As strange as it may sound, real parkour lovers try to demonstrate respect for all people and property.

Another wide-spread misbelief is that freerunning and parkour are the same things. Although they do have much in common, for that matter freerunning originated from parkour, there is one big difference between them. Parkour, as mentioned above, is mostly a team sport while freerunning was designed to be of a more personal nature, adapted to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Although pretty much unknown to a wider audience, male parkour is more or less tolerated by the society while female parkour practitioners, who are usually referred to as traceuses, present a phenomenon that is highly disapproved of. Nevertheless, there is a rapidly growing community of girls for whom parkour is a way learn more about themselves and explore the abilities and skills that might help them to later enter male-dominated career fields. That has to be taken in account.

Although the female parkour scene has not yet been substantially studied, some researchers admit off the record that such pastime can contribute in many ways to the girls’ self-esteem and the way they see themselves and their place in the society. Girls are much more careful and cautious in this regard than boys, so this is perhaps the main reason of why female parkour is still less popular, although this is starting to change.


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