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8 Movies That Offer Leadership Tips and Inspiration


Sometimes it takes just one good movie to turn your life around and make you want to become a better person, a more successful entrepreneur, a more loving spouse. Indeed, some movies are so great that they can truly change your life and teach you many important things no books can teach. Today we will talk about movies that best illustrate masterful leadership in action. You can use them to improve your own skills or teach your employees about leadership principles.

Do not get…

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Top 10 Pros and Cons of Working with Friends and Family


Being your own boss is an amazing feeling but there always comes the time when some of your jobless friends and family members start asking you for “a little favor”, even those whom you’ve only recently befriended on Facebook.

Running a business and working with family or friends seems like a great idea at first, but it also might turn out to be the worst decision you have ever made. Many people would say that mixing business with pleasure could destroy a growing business….

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7 Famous People Who Used to Be Bullying Victims in School


For kids who are constantly bullied in school, it is hard to imagine a life not filled with anxiety or fear of getting physically or emotionally abused, but the truth is, even if it looks like a hopeless situation, things tend to get better with time. Lots of celebrities and people, whom we all admire, have had similar experiences and know exactly what it is like to be the target of bullies. We hope that their stories will offer some encouragement and inspiration to all those…

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Five Common Misconceptions about How Students Learn Today


There are many myths circulating these days about how students learn or how they perceive and retain various information. Most of these misconceptions are the result of people projecting their own school experiences, however not all of them are applicable to the learning patterns of today’s students.

Here are five of the biggest misconceptions that are related to student learning.

• A quiet classroom with only a teacher talking is the best learning environment.


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20 Most Important Reasons Why Teachers Rock


With all the gloom and doom swirling around teachers’ jobs lately, it is nice to once again remind everybody why we should be grateful to these people and why their work matters.

Here are 20 most common reasons why teachers rock:

1. Teachers rock because they are true experts in multitasking and quick decision-making. They are perfectly comfortable with helping a group of 20 children complete their reading assignment, making sure nobody is disengaged and at the same time…

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Ten Things That Will Get You Fired


There are many things we think about when we start a new job: how to prove your value to your new boss, how to hit it off with your new colleagues, how to cope with your new duties. However, the possibility of getting fired rarely crosses our minds. We sincerely believe that is what incompetents and lazybones should be worried about, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how wrong you are about it, until it is too late.

Here are 10 things anyone can do or say that will get…

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Useful Tips That Will Help You Make the Right College Choice


As soon as college acceptance letters arrive, many students find themselves facing a difficult choice: how to select the best school. Here are some tips from students, parents and alums that you should carefully consider before making your final college selection.

Take a trip to college and sit on the quad: you have probably visited most of these schools by now and made a tour around each one of them, but this time it should be different. Stay away from the traditional tour…

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Top Ten Halloween Movies You Have To Watch This Year


As Halloween approaches, traditionally there are horror movies everywhere you look. However, if you want to have a real thrill, we suggest that you skip the cinema this year and host your own horror movie-marathon. We have complied a list of top ten scariest movies to give you some nice shivers this Halloween!

So if you want to set the right mood for the holiday, bake a few pumpkin recipes, stock up on tasty treats, turn off the lights and hold on tight for this year’s Halloween…

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Five Horror Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Films


Although scary books lack the traditional computerized special effects, jump-scare scenes and blood-freezing music, that many modern horror films have, it does not mean they cannot give you jitters and make you lie sleepless at night. The good news is you can always put a book away for a few days until you calm down a little. Still creepy stories of horror greatest masters have the power to hold you terrified that no film can match.

Here is the list of top five novels that any…

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Famous People Who Once Used To Be Teachers


You never know what talents your teacher might have. Here is the list of top ten famous people who used to teach students at one point of their life, but are now better known for their outside-the-classroom accomplishments:


Long before he adopted his stage name Sting and joined a popular rock band The Police, his students used to call him “Mr. Sumner”. Sting worked as a teacher of English, music, and soccer at St. Catherine’s Convent School.
In his own words, Sting was…

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