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U.S. Students Lag behind Their International Counterparts In Skills


Recent study findings released by Harvard’s Program on Education and Governance show that although over the last decade a great deal of everybody’s attention has been focused on improving academic achievements of U.S. students and increasing their interest in such STEM-related disciplines as mathematics and science, the results still come short of satisfactory.

American students cannot keep up with their peers from highly-developed countries. In recent years the U.S. public…

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Six Effective Strategies to Help You Overcome Stress in Your Life


For many people, the modern workplace is a source of constant never-ending stress. You have dozens of tasks to complete, hundreds of people to talk to, your deadlines are looming and the pressure seems to get worse day by day. At some point, you realize the quality of your work suffers from it. Still there are people (some of them might even be your colleagues) who manage to stay effective and happy ho matter what. Their projects and presentations are always impeccable and done on…

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5 New Job Success Tips: Give Yourself a Headstart

After weeks or even months of looking for a job, after sending dozens of resumes, after numerous interviews, you finally ended up with a job offer in your pocket. Congratulations! Now you are officially employed and have a few days left till you are expected to start. This is a good opportunity to lay the foundation for your future success and make your transition as smooth as it can be!

Starting a new job is always exciting and a little scary even for someone who is an old hand…

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Top 5 Leadership Books You Should Read and Learn From


Have you ever wondered why some people look, behave and cast themselves as strong and powerful leaders who can inspire, persuade and dominate easily, while others, not less intelligent and conscious members of our society, end up following them? Is it a God-given ability granted only to the chosen ones? Or is it possible to develop good leadership skills?

Well, it appears that with due effort and persistence almost anyone can turn into a leader and become a role model worthy of…

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7 Useful Discipline Tricks for Parents to Consider

Does every homework session turn into a late night tantrum and either you or your child end up in tears? Are you losing sleep over trying to get your kid to learn his spellings? Why not borrow some tried and true discipline tricks from experienced teachers who easily and playfully manage 30 and more children at a time?

By following these tips, you will learn to manage any conflict situations that occur whenever your child starts to misbehave, find out how to motivate and…

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6 Tips and Tricks That Will Help Motivate Millennial Workers

Around 80 million young Americans now belong to the so-called generation of millennials. These are well-educated, culturally diverse and ambitious people aged 18 to 35, who presently comprise for about 36% of the U.S. workforce. However, they are also notorious for changing jobs too often because they mistrust the traditional hierarchies and dislike bureaucracy. This puts many employers in a rather difficult position of having to think up some new ways to keep the millennials engaged…

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8 Tips To Help You Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance


The majority of busy people will tell you just how difficult and stressful one’s life can be if you try to juggle the demands of a successful career and personal relationships. Still many of them manage to emerge victorious out of this situation and maintain a healthy balance between work and family.

This might seem like a real challenge especially for someone who strives to give everything their best try and wants to accomplish their goals 100%.

Researchers say that our…

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Join the Club: 10 Things All Successful People Have In Common


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Whether it is your personal relationships or business, there is a fine line between failing and succeeding. Bill Cosby’s quote underlines the inevitability of hardships on one’s way to success but it also emphasizes the importance of having enough courage to overcome those. Indeed, failure and success often go hand-in-hand where one is a teacher and the other one is a lifelong…

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Tips to Help You Write a 10-Page Term Paper Overnight


Even the best of us cannot sometimes avoid procrastination: whether it is a weekly marketing report due within a few days or a book review to be written by tomorrow. However, things get much more complicated when it comes to writing a long term paper in a very short time.

Having to write a long term paper overnight is probably the worst and least effective learning scenario there is, but you can still try to make the most of this situation if you stop wasting time and take it…

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How Three Generations Deal With Technology


Do you remember the first time your dad asked you what social networking was all about? You thought that was just a passing interest and laughed off. You were not laughing anymore when your grandma befriended you on Facebook. You were definitely all serious when you suddenly realized you had to fight for your computer time with everyone in your family. So what is it? Why is everyone suddenly so interested in technology? And by everyone I mean all three generations there are: Baby…

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