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Office Flu Etiquette: Tips to Stay Healthy In the Office Environment

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It is still winter, and a rather cold one, which means they are everywhere. Coughing and sneezing, putting us all in danger of falling sick. While we respect and at the same time feel deeply sorry for people who are ill but still come to work, we normally try to stay away from them.

In the confined office space where there is no place to hide from microbes, one has to be particularly careful when it comes to contacting sick people. They say, it is enough to be 6 feet away from a person, who has a virus, to catch it. Whereas it is not always easy to call in sick or take a day off to brace up, one can follow some simple office etiquette tips that will help reduce the chances of getting or spreading the virus.


1.Clean and disinfect surfaces that everyone touches.

The virus of influenza can spread like wildfire on surfaces like doorknobs or sink faucets in such public areas as offices, restaurants and schools and the consequences can be truly disastrous. Thus, it is advisable to use disinfecting wipes when attending such places.


2.Wash your hands with soap as often as possible.

Especially before eating or after visiting restrooms. Make sure you wipe your hands with a clean and fresh towel afterwards. In case soap and warm water are out of reach, use hand sanitizer.


3.Consider getting vaccinated.

Although many still feel doubtful about vaccines, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that people who get vaccinated are three times less likely to catch a flu.


4.Stay away from too crowded office spaces.

Unfortunately, just avoiding shaking hands with those who are sick is not enough to keep you healthy. Viruses can spread fast and that is why it is highly recommendable to avoid staying for too long in crowded spaces when there is the flu epidemic in the air.


5.Choose a healthy lifestyle.

Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Instead of trying to recover from an exhausting flu, it is better to prevent it. That is not such a difficult thing to do. Start with what you eat and drink, try to use as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Replace your coffee with green tea with a touch of lemon. Pick up a habit of walking to your office instead of using public transport. Keep in mind that overworking and stress can increase your chances of falling sick.


6.Technology will help you out.

With all the wonderful technology available to us, there is no need to become an office martyr anymore. You can easily get in touch with your colleagues with the help of video and audio conferencing tools, contact your clients via email or phone calls.

The winter is coming to an end, which might give someone the delusion of thinking there is nothing to worry about. The truth is we are as safe as we want to be. So take care of yourself and welcome the spring with a positive mood and good health!



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