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New feature at Eduboard: place Private orders for your Favorite tutors!

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Dear friends!

Today we are happy to inform you that is launching a new feature that will allow students to place private orders for their favorite tutors! From now on, if you wish to place an order for a particular tutor, you can make it private and available to this person only!

To hire a particular tutor just click the button “Hire” next to the tutor’s name on your Favorites list or pick one of the tutors from All Tutors page. Please note that you should be logged in as a student to use this option.
The tutor will be notified about the new private order and will apply if possible. If the tutor you want to work on your order is not available, you can easily switch the order mode and make it public so that all others tutors will see it.

So, why is the new feature so great? Here is how tutors and students can benefit from it:


  • Save your time working with the tutors who you already know and whose professionalism you trust!
  • Schedule your sessions in advance with your favorite tutor! Tutors might choose to prioritize private orders from their students over all other orders.
  • Work in a comfortable environment with an expert who understands you needs perfectly!


  • If students are satisfied with your work, they will place private orders that will be available only to you! No other tutors will see them or make their bids.
  • Even if you don’t yet have your own loyal student base, this feature can be of great use to you! Try to make your tutor profile more valuable. The more complete and accurate your profile is, the more likely students are to notice it and choose you to work on their orders. You won’t have to compete with other tutors for new orders but rather choose the orders you’d like to complete among incoming private orders!
  • Tutors whose services are much-in-demand, usually work with private orders from their loyal students only!
    Now placing an order with your favorite tutor has become easier than ever.

Step 1:

Register and log into your account.

Step 2:

Look through the list of all available tutors in the Tutors section and choose the one you like.

tutor search

Alternatively, you can choose the tutor from the list of your favorite tutors in the Favorites section.


Step 3:

Click “Hire” next to the name of the tutor you would like to place a private order for and describe your problem in detail. Do not forget to set up the deadline for the order and specify the subject!

preffered tutor

Step 4:

Wait for the tutor to apply for the order. If the tutor cannot apply for the order, we will inform you shortly!

You can switch the order mode and make it public any time you want by clicking the red cross icon next to the tutor’s name.

We sincerely hope that the new feature will help our students and tutors quickly connect to each other and make the search process fast and effective!

Since this feature is new, we would definitely appreciate your feedback, which will help us make Eduboard even more convenient for both students and tutors. Tell us what you think by contacting us at!


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