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Most Promising and Fulfilling Careers in the STEM Field

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Global economy requires us to be increasingly competitive and innovative. There is no place for one-dimensional thinking anymore. It is time to think critically, be able to analyze and evaluate information available and generate new ideas in order to succeed. Our education curriculum is rapidly changing adapting to these new requirements. Today much attention is paid to teaching students STEM disciplines, which are science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Over the last decade the number of STEM-related jobs has increased immensely, growing three times as fast as non-STEM jobs. Besides, in the context of economical instability and rising unemployment, STEM jobs present a safe choice. The statistics speaks for itself: STEM career opportunities are expected to increase by 17% in between 2008 and 2018 with STEM specialists earning higher wages and enjoying numerous social benefits which their non-STEM counterparts are often deprived of.

So, what are the top five STEM-related careers of the future and which skills will they require?

As we are growing increasingly dependent on computers, it is no wonder that computing skills will be in great demand in the future. The most sought-after STEM-related careers in computing will include software engineering, computer networking, system analyses etc. The careers of computer and information system managers and computer hardware engineers will experience increased popularity. The skills to be used are computer literacy, technology and programming.

Nanoscale science and technology is affecting our lives, thus career opportunities in these fields are extending rapidly. Such knowledge will be important in different areas ranging from creation of diagnostic medical equipment and materials to environmental application and food quality control. Essential skills include mathematics and science, critical-thinking and creativity.

Civil engineering specialists will be required to possess extended engineering knowledge in specialized areas such as road or dam construction, complex analysis or design work. Mathematics and management skills are essential here.

Physical sciences especially interdisciplinary ones such as environmental chemistry or physical chemistry environmental engineering will enjoy increased popularity in the future. Professionals in these areas will have to possess solid chemistry and technology knowledge, good mathematics and thought-processing skills.

Health care specialists and medical scientists will have no underemployment in the years to come. At present the number of jobs for the professionals in this field increases by at least 6,620 new openings a year.


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