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Making a Great Social Media Manager

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Welcome to our weekly column where we discuss the U.S. best career options and the prospectives they have to offer. This week we are going to talk about the job of a social media manager (SMM), which has become one of the best paid and most sought after due to the increasing popularity of social media and networking sites.

Social Media Manager is the one who is responsible for the implementation of social medial strategy of the company, promotion of its image, building brand awareness and market acceptance. Basically his main duty is to make people want to buy goods or services from a particular company.  Although it sounds very much like something a PR man would do, there is an important difference here since an SMM professional uses social media resources such as social networking sites and platforms to promote the company’s products. He is expected to know what’s what in social bookmarking, blogger relations, community development and management.

The job applicants are required to possess the following skills:

  • Social media space awareness. It is essential that a candidate for the position of social media manager has profound knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and is able to use main social media techniques and tools.
  • Strong writing and presentation skills, which is understandable for a professional of this kind is an advocate for the company’s policy and is regularly involved into dialogues or asked questions. Thus, being able to clearly and accurately communicate different ideas and information is one of the top requirements.
  • Project management skills are also necessary. Since social marketing activities require team efforts and well-coordinated work, a social media manager will have to show advanced organizational, time-management and interpersonal skills.
  • Technical understanding is preferable for the SMM workers. New social tools are invented regularly replacing the old less effective ones thus the candidate must show a great deal of technical adaptability and be a quick learner.
  • Problem-solving skills are prerequisite for those who consider pursuing a career in the SMM field. Moreover, a SM manager is most likely a person who enjoys challenges in his work and is prepared to go out of his way trying to find the best solution possible.

Many will probably say that is too much to ask of one person however it’s important to mention that those who are ready to work hard are fairly compensated for their efforts. Thus, average salaries of the social media marketing manager range from $60,000 and up to $100,000 per year. What is even better is the fact that the demand for social media marketing specialists is not going to be out of favor any time soon. In fact the SMM field is expending so rapidly that we are to see a 21% rise in SMM employment within a year from now, which mean tens of thousands of new well-paying jobs will be created.

Now that we’ve discussed the main aspects of this job, let’s see what experts have to say. You will find the following information useful if you are interested in social media and think you’ll be good at marketing. So you’ll make a perfect SM manager if:

  • You suffered defeats in the past but managed to get back on your feet and learn something useful from it.
  • You are not a naive, detached, bubble-living person who has great expectations of people but can be cynical at times.
  • You can stand up to people’s disagreeing with you or even disliking you. You can present yourself and your company.



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