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It Is Surfing Time

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You think you’ve tried it all? Bungee jumping, parkour, scuba diving, parachute sport… But let’s face it, if you haven’t tried surfing yet, you are still an amateur. Surfing cannot be compared to any other sport or leisure activity. If we come to think about it, surfing is a unique mixture of some of the most exciting activities there are. It resembles kite boarding, like a cousin twice removed; it is a grandpa of skateboarding and a very distant but still beloved relative of skiing.

Surfing is an active water sport where people ride collapsing waves using a piece of equipment called a surfboard. Surfing is believed to have been first observed at Tahiti in the middle of the 18th century by a Cornish navigator Samuel Wallis. However, this is not a proved fact and many countries dispute the pas of discovering this wonderful sport.

The statistics say there are currently about 20 million active surfers around the world and this number is constantly growing. So, why surfing is such an addictive activity?

Surfers have different reasons for doing what they do. Some consider it to be a great recreational activity while the lives of others turn around it with surfing being their passion, lifestyle and religion.  Whatever their motives are, there is one thing they have in common. All surfers say it’s a breathtaking experience, which cannot be compared to anything else. It makes you feel alive and each wave is an unforgettable personal story. Most dedicated practitioners spend years of their life waiting for that special wave.

These days surf culture is seen as a spiritual and fulfilling lifestyle focused on deriving pleasure from being connected to the nature, being part of its magnificent beauty. All surfers are very environmentally aware, identifying themselves with the nature and many of them are seriously concerned about protecting shorelines and beaches.

Unlike football, tennis or polo surfing is not a competitive sport, not in the traditional way of thinking at least. It’s a sport of comparison. Surfers usually compete in groups trying to display their best skills and abilities within the allocated time. The most famous surfing contests take place at Bells Beach, Victoria (Bells Beach Surf Classic), Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (Surfest), Newquay, Cornwall, England (Boardmasters Festival) etc.

Here is the list of top five best surfing destinations in the world.

It’s hardly a surprise that Australia ranks among the most popular places to enjoy wave riding. It can boast some of the best beaches and highest waves in the world. Many thousands of surfers come here every year to practice their skills. They head for The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid beach, which are the world’s famous point breaks.

The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia are beloved by wave hunters from all over the world. The winds here are changeable and thus waves go every direction.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, is another great venue to try to catch a perfect wave and have a ride of their life. The destination is especially popular in winter months that is from June till the end of August. It also hosts an international surfers’ competition Billabong Pro WCT in July.

If you are truly passionate about surfing you must come to Bali, which is Indonesia’s largest tourist attraction. Waves here reach 12 feet high and present a real challenge for many experiences surfers. The surfing season here lasts from April till November.

And the last but not least is California, North America. Those who want to ride a big wave usually go to the mountains of Maverick’s or somewhere in between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. It is important to say that the water is very cold here all year round. However, this should not stop true surf lovers.


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