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Interviews to Be Continued

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Hi! As I have promised you lately here is one more interview to come.

Let me also introduce to you our online tutor Mike Ostain


1. Educational Background

With throwing reference to my Educational background, my primary and secondary school level centered in Saint Coleridge Primary and Secondary Johannesburg school. Upon completion of my Secondary school, I furthered my university program in the university of Cape Town holding a Bachelor`s Degree in English Language and Literature on November 05 2006. I’m equally a holder of an International TESOL Certificate which was obtained Online International studies. In April 2010 I attended the International English Language Testing System [IELTS] Shanghai [China] and earned a Teaching certificate in March 2011.


2. Your working Experience as a Teacher/Tutor

I have been a successful Foreign teacher in Better Life Primary School Cambodia for six months, and High Baby Kindergarten and Middle School Shanghai accomplishing a year contract.

3. Hobbies and Interests, Activities besides tutoring/teaching

During my experience as a student I faced difficulties in Physics and Mathematics but I overcame this with hard work and determination which is the key to success.

4. While being a student yourself, which subject bothered you most and how did you overcome it?

I like travelling, going to the beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains and sightseeing as a whole. Reading, writing, interpreting poems and singing also remain my preferences. In addition I enjoy friendship and possess good skills in communication.

5. What do you love most about the online Tutoring and may be Eduboard?

I have strong desire to join the Online Tutoring Board for it has to do with Education, which has always been my first priority to exhaust the reason I entered the teaching field. I wish my personality and few achievements so far, to meet up to the expectations of the Tutoring Board.


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