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Hi everyone!

Here we will also share some information about some of our online tutors so you may get acquainted to them.

Therefore …
Let me introduce to you Richard Naylor


Tutoring subjects at Eduboard:

  • Algebra
  • Pre-algebra
  • Social Studies

1. Educational Background

I studied A Levels in the UK and gained A Levels in Mathematics, English, History, Economics, German and General Studies. I studied Medieval History at the University of St Andrews – my subsidiary subjects were German, Economic & Social History, Theology and Modern History.

2. Your working Experience as a Teacher/Tutor

I qualified as a teacher in 1991 in Scotland, then moved to teach in London 1991-2000. I worked in Moscow first as a teacher, then as an administrator from 2000-2008, and was a Headteacher from 2003-8. I worked in Shanghai as a Headteacher from 2008-11 and now in the UK. I am formally qualified as a Headteacher for British schools in the UK and abroad. I have worked within the UK curriculum for 21 years and within the IB Diploma program for 11 years, IB MYP for 2 years. I have taught History from ages 11-18, including GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma. I taught Mathematics from 11-16 years including GCSE and IGCSE. I have tutored Mathematics, History, and German (to GCSE).
Since 2008 I have largely stopped teaching, except TOK (Theory of Knowledge) within the IB Diploma.
I have been an examiner for SEG History on the Russian Revolution and am currently an Examiner for EdExcel in GCSE Mathematics.

3. Hobbies and Interests, Activities besides tutoring/teaching

My hobbies and interests include reading all kind of fiction and non fiction, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, various sports. I like studying language, and travelling and working in countries and cultures very different from my own.

4. While being a student yourself, which subject bothered you most and how did you overcome it?

English Literature – I did badly at school, but then studied again when I was 20-21 and passed A level English with an A. I think motivation, interest and hard work were the key factors.

5. What do you love most about the online Tutoring and may be Eduboard

Online tutoring and Eduboard is useful and accessible more than most tutoring systems or methods. It also enables the student to ‘shop’ around for help more easily than if they are limited to tutors in their local area. For both student and teacher it is a more efficient use of time.


See you tomorrow with some more interviews of our tutors! 



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