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Interesting Facts on the Current State of Teaching in the U.S.

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How many high school teachers are there in the U.S.? What is the sex ratio between male and female teachers? What is the average age of school and college teachers? These are the questions you have always wanted to ask but never bothered to seek information on.

Well, today we will provide you with some interesting and amusing stats on the current state of teaching in the U.S.:

• There are currently 7.2 million teachers in the U.S. most of whom are female, 80% to be exact.

• One in five female teachers in the U.S. are in their twenties while one in three is over fifty years old.

• Apart from teaching work itself, teachers spend an estimated of 20 hours per week doing tasks like grading students’ papers, preparing lesson plans, running extracurricular activities. The work they do not get paid for.

• Over half of all U.S. teachers have to work Sundays whereas only 30% of full-time employees, who work outside the teaching field, work through weekends.

• 17% of teachers work two jobs compared to 12% of other professionals.

• 30% of teachers leaving their profession claim poor wages to be the main reason.

• About one hundred and forty-eight thousand teachers are employed yearly to meet the growing educational needs of the population.

• About half of those quit the profession within just 5 years.

• It will take America only one decade to educate 100,000 STEM professionals to teach science, technology, math and engineering in schools.

• U.S. teachers annually spend about 1.3 billion dollars in personal finances to support and facilitate their classroom instruction, which is about $500 per teacher.

• Pre-school teachers come 116 on the list of the lowest paying jobs in the U.S., earning about $27,450 per year, at best. Teaching Assistants are 62 on the same list with an average yearly salary of about $24,280.

• Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Alaska, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts and New York are top ten best-paying states for teachers.

• Teachers are worst-paid in Kansas, Tennessee, New Mexico, North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Utah, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Are there any other statistics you would like to learn about? Comment and share your ideas with us.


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