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Improving Your Writing Skills with the Help of Technology

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The negative effect of high-tech innovations on students’ writing skills has been widely discussed and debated recently. It stands to reason that Twitter and similar microblogging services with limited use of characters, do not really promote to a person’s ability to write. But the strange thing is that, according to some studies, some technology innovations can actually help students improve their writing skills.

There are a great many tech tools and techniques that people can use be get better at writing. Different high-tech teaching methods are good for different people. Here is the list of top 5 tech-oriented ways to help students improve their grammar, essay writing skills etc.

1. Getting feedback from teachers is always important; however given the workload teachers have today, it is not always possible to provide every student’s work with a feedback or comments. In this case there are a number of multiplex automated programs designed to help students spot and correct mistakes in their writing, offering a pretty complex feedback.

2. Another high-tech solution to the problem of teachers’ being too busy to track students’ progress permanently is specially designed software that aims to help students stay on track of their assignment providing them with step-by-step instructions and also allows teachers to monitor the whole process.

3. With so many social media tools available today it is a sin not to grab the opportunity to enlarge our writing experience. As a teacher you can offer your students to make a video and accompany it with poetry they created or write lyrics for classic music pieces.

4. Blogs are perhaps the most effective way to train one’s writing skills. Unlike traditional essay-writing, blogging makes students aware of a much wider and more diverse audience of readers. There is a big variety of education-focused blogs on the Web, where students can work individually or together, crafting class blog project. Parents can feel safe to allow their children to use such resources since they are normally designed to address any safety concerns parents might have.  Some researchers found that children who blog regularly or post on social networking sites are more likely to take pleasure in writing and as a rule are more adept than those who do not run a blog.

5. The reason why students are not particularly interested in practicing their writing skills is because they do not see their real life application. They do not understand how a few-paragraph essay can be relevant to anything outside the classroom. Experts believe that students’ involvement can be increased through emphasizing the real world value and application of writing skills.

Technology might be disruptive to some extent but if used wisely it also allows students to be more creative, imaginative and process-focused.


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