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How to Help Your Kid Relieve Stress during Their Senior Year in High School

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With school workload, intensive exam preparation, approaching college application deadlines and various extracurricular activities, it is no wonder that many high school students feel exhausted and stressed out.

Senior year in high school is a real challenge for many students: there are so many things to attend to and so little time. While some students are capable of organizing their work in the way that is both productive and enjoyable, most of others feel frustrated and disoriented by the end of the year.

Psychologists agree that students who do not have such stress-relieving skills at school are likely to continue to feel overwhelmed in college.

As a concerned parent, you can try to help kids manage their responsibilities effectively and teach them important stress-management techniques.

So, here are a few tips that parents can use if they want to help children get back on the right track and stay focused all through their senior year of high school:

Encourage your kid to start working on their college application as early as possible.

As deadlines for applications approach, students feel more and more under pressure. College admissions experts suggest that college-bound students should begin working on their essays as soon as they get the application form.

Many universities use the Common Application form, which is released August 1st, that means your teen can actually start working on their application as early as mid-August and will have a whole year before it is due to prepare, write and re-write an essay, collect letters of recommendation etc.

Try to encourage your child to do as much as they can before they start paying increasingly greater attention to school homework, test preparation and exams.

Teach your kid how to juggle tasks effectively through your own example.

Your student might think he is the only one struggling to manage work and other commitments. Show him or her that you understand well how they feel and sometimes have the same difficulties with your schedule. Have a friendly conversation with your child about grown-up duties and responsibilities, share what stress-relieving techniques you use when you feel overstretched.

At this time, psychologists say, parents should stop thinking about their kids as being immature and unprepared. These young people are about to launch on a totally new exciting trip to adult life and preaching about their dependency will not do any good.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for many parents to connect with kids and show them that you can be understanding and supportive.

Let your kid have some time for themselves.

Many people would say it sounds counterproductive, but the truth is, allowing your child to take a short break from time to time is a nice way to keep them away from stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed with problems.


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