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How to Cope With Your Test Chills

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Whether you are a high school or college student taking tests is an essential part of your learning process. Most students, regardless of how prepared and confident they are, start feeling nervous and freaked out when it is time to take a test. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to reduce your stress level and sail through any challenging test or exam.

Here is the list of top ten useful test preparation tips for students that will help succeed and score high in any test:

1.Stay positive.

Approaching a test with a never-give-up attitude is the recipe for success. Do not look at it as at a life big problem. Remember it is just a test.

2.Get organized.

Make up a detailed test preparation plan weeks before the test is due. The earlier you will start, the less last-minute cramming you’ll have to do. Take it in small portions and keep a healthy life-study balance.

3.Take your mind off the test.

The night before and the morning of the test are time for you to relax and take your mind off test-related things. You can do some quick review of the material, but do not get stuck with it. Staying up late or getting up too early will give you the willies you do not need. A ten-minute brushup right before the test will help you concentrate and tune up.

4.Check whether you have everything you need for the test.

Things like an extra pencil or calculator can help you save your test time. Read the instructions carefully. Is there anything you do not understand? Ask your teacher while you still have time!

5.Manage your time wisely.

Before you start, take a look at the test paper and try to estimate how much time every part will take. Start with the easiest questions for it will not only give you more time for the challenging ones but will also give you confidence and encouragement to work on the hard stuff.

6.Do not get stuck.

It means do not waste too much time on questions you are not sure of. Do not let tricky questions throw you off your stride. Skip them if you need. You can return to them later after you have done everything else. However, if there are too many questions you have to skip; odds are good you misunderstood the task. Reread the question and take time to think on the algorithm.

7.Dealing with multiple-choice questions.

Multiple-choice questions can be a real pain in the neck for some students. If you are one of those, start by crossing out the wrong answers, and if at the end you are still unsure, which is the best, trust your hunch.

8.Look through the test after you have completed it.

Have you answered all the questions? Is your writing legible enough for a teacher to see the difference between 3s and 8s?

9.Do not be too quick to turn in the test paper to the teacher.

If you have time left, check things once again. Do not let your doubts overrun you, though!

10.Now relax!

There is nothing else you can do but wait for the results. Try to avoid discussing answers with your classmates, they do not necessarily have to be correct. This can however give you frustration; wait for the teacher to announce the results.

Mastering proper note taking and studying skills, adopting useful test taking strategies can greatly help improving academic skills and achieving academic success.


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