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How to Avoid the Main Pitfalls of Working from Home

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The rapid growth and advances in technology have greatly increased the number of people who choose to work from the comforts of their home rather than crowd confined office spaces and feel stressed out by the often hectic and rigid office environment. And it’s true indeed: when you work from home you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work or having to be nice to colleagues you don’t like.

Working from home is definitely a great opportunity for many people. The familiar environment helps them relax and be more productive. But at the same time there are certain disadvantages that come along with such work-from-home lifestyle and one has to consider them before saying goodbye to the traditional office settings.

Here are some major pitfalls that can add pressure and sometimes result in a total burnout. We will also try to find ways how to avoid them.

1.Separate work and family commitments.

Being able to make breakfast to your family and help kids with their homework is something many working people wish they could do but at the same time, your daily household routine can become a huge distraction that prevents you from doing your work effectively. So in order to be a productive home-based worker you should learn to juggle different tasks and focus on the ones that are important at the moment. Find a place where you can be left alone and work without having to distract your attention all the time. Create a working schedule and let your family know about it.

2.Do not overwork.

Certainly working from home comes with flexibility and one has to take advantage of it. But the thing is, many people actually find themselves working longer hours at home than they usually would at office. Given all the distractions, you would probably feel like you are a way behind you schedule and have to work more to catch up with it. However, if you want your work to be successful, you have to be self-disciplined and set a clear boundary between your work and personal life.

3.Cope with feeling isolated.

Naturally, many people enjoy solitude and feel it helps them concentrate on their work and not think about all those pesky office rules. But at some point many of them start missing the noisy and busy atmosphere of the office. Such lack of social interaction results in frustration and sometimes disinterest. To avoid this you can use social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to stay in touch with your colleagues, organize meetings over Skype, attend online conferences, and spend time in shared office spaces like LiquidSpace, ShareDesk etc.

4.Avoid procrastination.

That’s perhaps the worst of all pitfalls associated with working from home. Having no one to closely supervise your work or tell you what to do at this or that moment can make a person less organized in their work. The flexibility of working from home allows one to take a longer stay in bed or watch news on TV occasionally, however, don’t make it your daily habit, otherwise you are likely to find yourself stuck with loads of work that needs to be done and the deadlines approaching too quickly.

Technology gives us more flexibility in choosing the best and most convenient work style. However, it is important to remember that freedom comes with greater responsibility. If you stay aware of all these challenges and find your way to overcome them, your working-from-home experience will be smooth and enjoyable.


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