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How Three Generations Deal With Technology

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Do you remember the first time your dad asked you what social networking was all about? You thought that was just a passing interest and laughed off. You were not laughing anymore when your grandma befriended you on Facebook. You were definitely all serious when you suddenly realized you had to fight for your computer time with everyone in your family. So what is it? Why is everyone suddenly so interested in technology? And by everyone I mean all three generations there are: Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Another interesting question is what can be so appealing about technology that it can attract even those most skeptical and old-fashioned ones?

First, let’s start with some amusing statistics on how different generations use the Internet and technology:

• 79% of Baby Boomers (born in between 1948 and 1964) use the Internet compared to 87% of Gen Xers (born in mid 1960s – early 1980s) and 90% of Millennials (born in mid 1980s to 2000).

• Only 2% of Baby Boomers have posted a video compared to 6% of Gen Xers and 20% of Millennials.

• 30% of Baby Boomers use a social networking site compared to 50% of Gen Xers and 75% of Millennials.

• 51% of Baby Boomers use their cell phone to send text messages compared to 77% of Gen Xers and only 50% of Millennials.

• 58% of Baby Boomers have watched more than 1 hour of TV in the last 24 hours compared to 67% of Gen Xers and 57% of Millennials.

• 15% of Baby Boomers have played a video game compared to 14% of Gen Xers and 28% of Millennials.

• 36% of Baby Boomers are college-educated compared to 49% of Gen Xers and 54% of Millennials.

• TV remains the main news source for 76% of Baby Boomers, 61% of Gen Xers and 65% of Millennials.

• 30% of Baby Boomers, 53% of Gen Xers and 59% of Millennials use the Internet to learn the latest news.

• Newspapers as the main source of news are still appealing to 34% of Baby Boomers, 24% of Gen Xers and 24% of Millennials.

• Radio seems to be the least popular source of news nowadays. Thus, only 20% of Baby Boomers, 22% of Gen Xers and 18% of Millennials listen to it regularly.

As we can see, people’s interaction with technology is always in the process of evolving and the behavior of different generations varies accordingly. While some will agree, that the best thing is to let this trend take its course, our duty is to help future generations look into the past and make smart and balanced decisions about their present and future.

Interesting facts.

Did you know that different generations had different work perspectives?

“Live to work” was the slogan of Baby Boomers. This generation included a growing number of working women. The preferred means of communication was phone.

“Work to live” is the slogan popular with Gen Xers. The traditional family is where both partners work to supply for their family. The preferred means of communication is email.

“Work my way”. That is how Millennials see their jobs today. The preferred means of communication is texting or using social networking sites.



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