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How Pinterest Can Benefit Teaching

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These days’ teachers are overwhelmed by a wide range of responsibilities that face their classrooms: apart from teaching itself and the enormous paper workload that comes with it, they have to find ways to incorporate technology into their curriculum and instruction, make sure all students are equally engaged into the learning process and achieve their full potential. Thus, many teachers, especially young and inexperienced ones, start thinking about ways to make their work easier and at the same time more effective. The Internet has answered the question to some point providing many wonderful opportunities for learning and teaching.

Pinterest, a pinboard-style photo sharing website, that allows its users to create and arrange theme-based images, is the in-thing of today. A lot has been told about how this site can be used for business and personal purposes, but now let’s think about how Pinterest can benefit teaching.

1. Firstly, and it’s pretty obvious, Pinterest is a great site for those who are seeking inspiration and motivation online. It can inspire teachers in many ways giving them advice on how to best decorate their classroom for a holiday or give fresh ideas for new projects.

2. Do you think your lessons have become too threadbare and lacking real spark? Pinterest can help you with this. With the help of this amazing resource teachers can share their experience with their colleagues worldwide, collect useful materials and arrange virtual classroom discussions. It’s a great way to help students show their creativity by “pinning” their project ideas, borrowing some images for their presentations and finding printable materials that can be used in class.

3. Pinterest helps you to further engage students by promoting their work and projects, making it available to a greater audience.

4. Pinterest helps teachers develop professionally and advance their skills. Sharing experience, collecting resources and ideas for lessons, learning more about innovative teaching methods and tools, promoting one’s personal and professional achievements has become possible thanks to Pinterest.

5. And finally, Pinterest is the right place to look for some fun. Your lessons do not have to always be that serious and formal. Let Pinterest brighten up things a little for you. It’s nice to have a good laugh from time to time; your students will definitely appreciate if you present some funny pictures and strips.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks that are likely to influence the way we socialize, learn and work in the future. The platform is so convenient and easy-manageable that you need no special skills or preparation to use it. Do not miss on the opportunity to increase your effectiveness and improve motivation to achieve your personal and professional goals.


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