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High-Achievers’ Recipe for Success

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Is there any pattern of being a successful super-achiever? Let us put aside all the speculations about how to become a successful person or how to manage your life to make it more fulfilled. We want to focus on whether or not there are certain things we can do or qualities and skills we need to cultivate to become high-achievers.

Actually, that is the question Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield are trying to answer in their book The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well. The two authors have interview the world’s most successful people all of whom are the best in their field. Now they are prepared to give you a ready-to-use recipe for success that many of the interviewed high-achievers share.

According to the book, there are ten main qualities that can help you climb to the top of whatever you do. To avoid being sued for intellectual property infringement, we’ll rephrase these points but the idea behind them remains the same:

1.Visualization of your dream and complete dedication to pursuing the dream.

It all starts with imagination. In order to achieve success you have to vividly and clearly imagine it. Think about how it feels to be successful, what you will do when you realize your dream. Spend a few minutes every day to mentally picture your success.

2.Smart persistence.

Hard work is different from smart work. Successful people know that it is very important to be able to adapt to the situation and change your tactics at times rather than keep banging your head against it. In other words, if your methods proved to be ineffective, it is time to rethink your strategies and take a fresh perspective on the way you deal with it.

3.Supportive environment.

It is hard to gain success without anyone by your side who is ready to help and support you. History teaches us that people who achieved much first had their idea shared and admired by others. Surround yourself with people who can motivate and encourage you to strive for the best.

4.Keeping your communication lines open 24/7.

The first rule of a good leader is to be a good and reflective listener. Your ability to hear what other people have to say can serve you well. Being approachable to people makes them approachable to you.

5.Being a good orator.

Good speaking skills are always a valuable asset. If you can make people listen to you, you will help them see your priorities, share your ideas and eventually support you.

6.Testing before investing.

Your idea might look brilliant to you but in order to make money out of it you have to be sure people actually need it and are willing to pay for it. Before you invest money, time or energy into something, find out if it is likely to pay off.

7.Rechannelling your negative emotions to benefit your goals.

At some point, everyone can feel depressed and ready to give up. Negative emotions that we don’t know how to control can derail all our efforts. Being able to channel your anger, frustration or anxiety into work can benefit you. The first step towards this is acknowledging the fact there is a problem.

8.Self-motivated continuous learning.

The world around us is in the process of constant change. It constantly evolves into new forms, introduces new challenges and brings up new expectations. Staying afloat requires a person to be an adaptive and self-motivated learner. If the environment around you has suddenly changed, think about what you can do to tune in with it.

9.Exercising patience.

Many people mistakenly believe that the only way to achieve success is to be an overactive person. In fact, inaction can be just as good as action itself. Sometimes you just have to wait for the most appropriate moment to come to make your move.

10.Filling your life with passion for what you do.

Success and happiness are not the same thing. One does not necessarily come with the other. As the practice shows, you can be perfectly happy while striving for success if you feel passionate about what you are doing. Your passion will give you strength and inspiration to move on.


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