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Who says that everything great and worthy has already been discovered? There is so much room for innovation; empowered by digital technologies we are just at the beginning of what might be the most exciting and wonderful of all eras. It is interesting to speculate on what might be coming down the pike. Although it is highly hypothetic, the technologies and innovations listed below are not as farfetched as they might seem, given the fact that some of them are already being developed in today’s best labs. Future belongs to genetic engineering. We will see more of drug experimenting in the years to come. Medicine will become more personalized and very precisely targeted. In a longer-term perspective scientists will be able to modify our genetic code removing or fixing the wrong genes. It is all going to be about making a person stronger, faster and cleverer. Augmented reality will take its due place allowing individuals to interact with the electronic world through chips. Consequently, human cloning might become a common-place reality with people re-growing parts of their bodies to replace the deficient ones. Free energy has always been a dream. Finding a source of energy that is risk-free for both people and environment is just half the battle. The most important issue is to make this energy available and affordable for everyone to use it. Smart energy-generators of the future will help us to find exhaustless sources of non-polluting and safe wind, bio-thermal, solar and biomass energy. Instead of expensive, large and purely-industrial robots we are using today, we will see tiny, manageable machines with built-in intelligence, programmed to perform all sorts of tasks, making our life increasingly easier. The area of their application will be immense. Artificial intelligence will quintessentialize it. Creating the machine that will be capable of learning, self-improving and thinking might sound frightening, nevertheless it has been exciting the imagination of many scientists and innovators over the years. Although artificial intelligence will be no match for human brain, being limited to a certain area of functioning, this will definitely be the next great technological advance we are destined to see. Moving around at hypersonic speed without having to worry about your being late for a meeting or feeling jet-lagged after a long tiresome flight is what many people would call a dream. In the future this dream might become a reality. With the speed of 6000 miles per hour, you will not even have time to watch an in-flight movie! Nanotechnology is the fastest-developing area of science with constantly increasing investments. In the short-term future we will have various materials and applications aimed to work on tiny scales. Nanotechnology has unthinkable potential in the field of medicine; theoretically it is possible to reconstruct a human’s organism at the atomic scale and turn it into non-biological form. By the end of the century your car, garage, office and flat can become smarter than you are, performing any task you can think about. Everything will be automated. Human participation will matter to the extent that people maintain and ensure their work. Given the fact that people have become so attached to their cars, it is unlikely to change any time soon. However, internal combustion engine will be replaced first with environment-friendly electrical cars and their hybrids and later with hydrogen-powered transport, leaving nothing but water vapor behind.


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