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Great Careers that Do Not Require a College Degree

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Do you still believe that spending four years in college will secure you a high-paying job with many opportunities for professional growth? Of course, you do! That’s what your parents and teachers have been telling you your whole life, motivating you to work harder, do your homework and prepare for exams. We are not going to compromise their authority saying that they are wrong, because they are not. In fact, good education has never been a barrier to building a successful career.

However, it is obvious that going to college is not everybody’s fit these days. Given skyrocketing college tuition rates and high unemployment among inexperienced college graduates, it is no wonder that many young people today feel that investing into a college degree is the wrong choice.

While most careers definitely long for college-trained workers, there is a great number of appealing jobs, which offer very competitive salaries and require dedication, experience and hard work rather than a degree from college.

Naturally, you cannot expect to just walk in and start making money, you’ll have to undergo some sort of training first and gain hands-on experience. But such jobs are a great opportunity for many students do not have finance or time to earn a college degree.

Here are some of the careers that do not need one to have a college degree:
Flight Service Manager

The main responsibilities include performing quality control of flight plans, ensuring that flight attendants conform to personal appearance and pre-flight requirements, writing flight reports. They are the ones who deliver all the on-board announcements and make sure the cabin is ready for takeoffs and landings.

To apply for the job one should have at least a high school diploma. The training takes place on the job. Besides, all applicants undergo a tough background check.

To be suitable for the job you should be a tactful and sociable person. You will interact with strangers a lot, which means being able to solve conflicts, stay calm in stressful situations and be extremely resourceful are useful skills to have.

The main benefit here is the opportunity to travel at a low cost. Salaries range in between $70,000 and $72,200 per year.
Web Surfer

It is perfectly suited for people who are single parents, retirees or those individuals who don’t like to work under a fixed office schedule. It is very flexible, meaning you can work at any time and from anywhere as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Web surfers’ main duties include visiting websites, collecting data, analyzing and comparing information that companies can use to better understand their online users’ needs and improve their services.

No special training or education is required to become a web surfer, however, it is important to be self-disciplined, detail-oriented and adjustable person who possesses strong analytical and reasoning skills.

Such freelance workers can earn as much as $86,200 per year.
Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is a person who serves as a middleman between buyers and sellers of real estate property. Their duties mainly include providing financial and legal help in the purchase process. To work as a real estate broker one should have a high school degree and pass a state-administered written test.

Some brokerage offices choose to educate their workers themselves offering formal training programs for beginners and experienced real estate brokers. As a rule, agents learn all the ins and outs of this profession on the job under the close guidance of more experienced colleagues.

A person who wants to work as a real estate agent should be honest, trustworthy, reliable and sociable. He or she should be able to quickly memorize loads of information, be self-motivated and highly-organized. Since the field is extremely competitive, newcomers to the profession can expect to work more than their established colleagues to develop a good reputation.

Real estate agents yearly make around $79,500.


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