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Fun-Based Learning: 5 Ways to Make Homework Fun

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It is not a surprise that most children hate homework. They procrastinate doing their assignments, find excuses not to start or even resort to trickery just to avoid it. Their parents in turn have to be very imaginative too when it comes to fulfilling their parental duty and forcing children to study hard. They go in for bribery, persuasion and at times even intimidation, not really understanding why their kid does not want to complete such an easy assignment. As practice shows both parties are likely to continue negotiating until one of them finds an argument strong enough to make the opponent surrender.

Although it sounds more like a joke, in fact it is no laughing matter for it costs its participants much time, effort and energy on regular basis. So, is there a way to make children willingly complete their assignments in due time? Good news is: there are at least five. In this article we will tell you about the most effective ways of how you can encourage your child to do his homework. All of them have one thing in common and that is humor. It is the sort of humor you can find using something high tech.

1. YouTube is not simply a video-sharing website, it happens to be a great source of fun for children as well as a stock of helpful ideas for parents on how to make their children do homework. If you are familiar with your child’s musical preferences, why don’t you impress him with a self-created funny dance to his favorite music? You can learn this dance together and make it your inspirational ritual.

2. Do your research on the Internet. There are plenty of sites that can give you a great number of high-quality learning jokes, anecdotes, riddles, funny warm-up games that can be offered to a child as a break from homework activity. Find an appropriate math riddle or tell a funny story about Einstein when helping your kid to do his physics homework. All of this will not only make homework an enjoyable experience but also provide some interesting background knowledge that your kid can share with his classmates.

3. Reading is an essential part of homework, so while your child will have to do it no matter what, you can try to find some books they will read for fun whenever they feel tired of compulsory reading. It is also important that you know what reading environment works the best for your child. Some kids like to read paper books, still others prefer to use their parents’ tablets and listen to audio book versions while doing something else.

4. Do not be afraid to use funny apps as a part of your homework motivation effort. Applications like I

5. Help your kid to find appropriate blogs or sites to visit as another possible way to relax and take a short break from homework. Looking through funny pictures together can give you both much fun and things to discuss.

We believe following these recommendations will improve your child`s achievements!


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