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Freshmen Guide to College Dos and Don’ts

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When setting off to college, students usually receive loads of directions from their parents. Most of helpful advice boils down to studying hard and doing their laundry.

While both things are without doubt extremely important, there is a set of other skills that might prove useful to someone who is about to start living on their own and away from home. So, how to survive your first year of college? What things one should and should not do when in college?

Here is the list of top 8 do’s and don’ts for freshmen.

Do go to freshmen orientation. The main aim of freshmen orientation is to welcome new students and ease their transition from high school to campus life. This is the opportunity you cannot miss! Take your chance and get to know your future group-mates before your classes start! This is also the time, which you can spend learning how to find your way around campus so that you won’t get lost on your very first day!

Do try to communicate. It might be hard to keep your communication lines open when there are so many new people around, that is why many freshmen tend to stick to their friend from high school. You cannot start a conversation? Leave your door open when you are not studying. People who live on your floor will definitely come by to ask you about something! That is a pretty good start!

Do attend classes. Once in college many students are simply swept away by the overwhelming feeling of freedom and lack of control. Attending classes seems less important than going to numerous parties and sport events. However, this is the sure way to attract the unwanted attention of your instructors. Also, remember that the material in college is more challenging and is usually covered faster than in school. So skipping just one class might result in your falling behind quickly.

Do take advantage of all resources that are available to you. It is a good idea to go and see your professor during his office hours. This will help you get to know this person better and, more importantly, it will allow him to learn more about you. When it comes to filling in a vacant spot in a professor’s research team, the competition is going to be tough.

Do get some fun! College life should not be all about studying and cramming. It is also about trying new things. Lots of new things in fact. Do not deprive yourself of this privilege. Most colleges offer many different activities so you are sure to find something that interests you.

Do not buy all your textbooks at the bookstore. You might be tempted to get all the books you need at one go, but if you give it a second thought, you will realize how less expensive buying used textbooks might be. It will definitely take more time and effort but the result will pleasantly surprise you!

Do not try to stick to a certain career path from the start. Many students mistakenly believe they should decide what they want to study before they even get to college. The worst thing that can happen to a student is their getting stuck with a major they do not like and are too scared to change. While still a freshman, you have enough time to take some classes outside your major and explore other opportunities.

Do not overstretch yourself. With so many things to do in college, it is very easy for a student to end up juggling too many tasks and commitments at the same time. Do try to stay aware of your limits. If you know how to stay focused, you will be able to balance school, parties, clubs and sports.

Do not let your social networking activity endanger your career. It is totally OK to take a short break from study once in a while but you should always remember that provocative pictures and drunk-party videos posted on your account can be seen by your potential employers. Do stay aware of your social media image.

College is a one-time experience that you will never forget. Do not hold back but try to find the perfect balance that will allow you to fully embrace it and stay safe at the same time.



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