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Five Types of People You Should Definitely Contact In College

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College is not all about new knowledge and skills you obtain, it is also about people you meet. In fact, new acquaintances can become you biggest asset and help both in college and well past your graduation. You never know who will come into your life and what difference they will make. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your communication lines open and appreciate every opportunity to extend your social and professional circle.

Today we will discuss what contacts are important to have on campus and why. There are five types of people you definitely have to meet in college. They are:

  • Academic advisers and counselors. These are the people you first get to know when enrolling to college. They will not only provide you with information on the disciplines but can also be of tremendous help when it comes to resolving on-campus conflicts, rearranging your schedule or communicating deadline extension for an assignment with a professor.
  • Campus health center workers are important contacts since there is now no one but yourself to be looking after what you eat and how much you sleep. Coming to college, many first-years appear unprepared to meet the challenges, both academic and personal ones, and often end up stressed and frustrated. Campus health care specialists such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, and counselors will help a student resolve any health issue they have. Mental health professionals can also be of assistance to you if you feel you cannot cope with all the academic pressure on your own. Do not underestimate the importance of such help.
  • Career center workers will help a student who is seeking part-time employment or internship in the position that interests them. On a daily basis these people receive information about dozens of job applications to be filled. Contacting them will help you obtain first-hand information and advice on career options in a particular field.
  • Resident advisors. There might be different housing issues and RAs will help you find the right solution. Whether it is just a hot water supply failure in your dorm room or you have an issue with you roomie, these people are always available to help you.
  • Faculty. Perhaps, that is what we should have started with. Your professors, adjunct instructors are more than just teachers, they can become your mentors, role models and useful professional contacts. They are experienced and established specialists who have valuable knowledge and skills you might want to adopt. Connecting with these people will allow you to greatly enrich your academic and personal experience.

College is full of people who can be valuable resource of help and support to you. If you are positive and open-minded, friendly and sociable, this time will become one of the best in your life.



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