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Five Online Degree Fields That Have Been Popular in 2013

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There is no secret that education is essential for a prosperous and thriving future. Employers prefer to hire people who have either degrees or field-specific training. Giving up jobs and attending college full-time is not an option for people who have to provide for their families in times of economic instability. That is why there is such a high demand for online education which presents wonderful opportunities to combine school with family and work commitments. Online tutoring programs are designed to make it possible for students to adjust their learning schedule to their individual needs. Learning online allows working and completing a degree at the same time that is why more and more adult learners opt to earn their diplomas through online programs today.

Here is the list of the most popular online degree programs of 2013 in the fields, which are either experiencing or are soon expected to experience a real boom in vacancies and can offer high job security. These professions mostly represent such fields as business, computer science, engineering and education. Most popular online degrees often mean higher salaries, exciting career perspectives and better working conditions for their holders.

Business degrees. According to the latest data available on the subject, online business degrees are in good demand among those who want to have a competitive advantage in the job marketplace and keep up with the new trends, which appear in the field. In the rapidly changing global economy international business degree can become a very relevant acquisition. Salaries in this field range from $75,000 to $83,000.

Health care degrees. For people, who are dedicated to helping others, degrees in health care present a very interesting option. This is a fast-growing area and online enrollment rates are expected to boost within the next 5 years. Degree programs in health care administration are offered by the majority of institutions, which have online degree programs. The curriculum offers training in all the key areas of the field. Salaries for heath care administration workers range from $60,000 to $95,000.

Computer and information technology degrees. Being one of the fastest growing and most promising industries, the computer and information technology field attracts more people every year. Jobs in IT offer unequaled career opportunities and very competitive salaries. An average salary for IT graduates constitutes about $87,000 per year.

Criminal justice degrees. Online criminal justice degrees are interesting for those who want to work in the public safety area. Such diplomas give people the tools which they need to pursue a number of rewarding and high-paying careers.

Education degrees. In the context of global economic recession, our country needs more workforce that is competitive and innovative. In order to educate this workforce we need better qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Online degrees in education enjoy popularity nowadays, although it is not based solely on their earning potential but rather on the rewarding experience and career satisfaction they present. Average salaries in this field amount to $54,000 per year.



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