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Five Horror Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Films

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Although scary books lack the traditional computerized special effects, jump-scare scenes and blood-freezing music, that many modern horror films have, it does not mean they cannot give you jitters and make you lie sleepless at night. The good news is you can always put a book away for a few days until you calm down a little. Still creepy stories of horror greatest masters have the power to hold you terrified that no film can match.

Here is the list of top five novels that any self-respecting horror fan should read in his lifetime. You had better keep your lights on for this one:

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

The novel is a series of short stories told by a group of young writers locked in an old theater, with their supplies wearing out quickly. The tales become more horrifying and disgusting. As passions are rising, the participants start practicing murder and self-injury thinking they are in some kind of reality show. The main idea here is to understand what people can do for fame.

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

A classic ghost story with a Gothic scent to it. The story tells about a young governess that is hired to take care of a brother and sister who live in a secluded Bly house. The young woman begins to see ghosts of the former governess and a dead servant Quint, who had presumably terrorized the house and sexually offended the boy and other servants. The governess believes the children can see the ghosts and are hunted by them.

If you seek final answers, this book will give you none, but that is exactly what makes it so adorably creepy!

The Shining by Stephen King

The book has a tense atmosphere that gets straight into your head and makes you begin to doubt your own sanity, along with the sanity of the main characters.

Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic and mentally unstable father of the family, accepts the position of the caretaker of an isolated mountain hotel so that he can work on his book and become closer to his loved ones. After a destructive winter storm completely cuts them off from the outside world, the evil that lurks in the hotel springs into life and affects Jack’s sanity, endangering the whole family.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

This Gothic horror novella tells about a mysterious, revengeful ghost of a woman who lost her own child and now stalks an English town, causing the death of local children. This subtle, short, but somehow beautiful story will surely chill you!

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

They call it the best literary ghost story ever published for a good reason. The story is really the quintessence of psychological suspense and horror.

Four people agree to spend a summer in the allegedly haunted Hill House: a scholar who is looking to prove that ghosts really exist, his assistant, a young recluse, and the owner of the house. As time passes by, the whole group starts to experience strange happenings that they cannot explain.

These are the books that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Make sure you do not read them at night. You don’t want to be haunted, do you?



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