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Extreme Winter Sports Excitement

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The winter has come and it is becoming really cold outside, guys! It is now time to think about what we are going to do this season. For those who do not want to let the cold weather keep them at home there are a few ideas of how to best spend the time and keep the adrenaline rushing all through your body. Today, we’ll talk about extreme winter sports that contain the main features of traditional winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and climbing.

- The first on our list is ice climbing. This activity evolved when rock climbers who ascended to great heights and reached ice formations had to learn how to navigate these ice-covered areas using special equipment. Later on it developed into a new exciting hobby for thousands of adrenaline-hungry fellows.

- Some people like to go higher and some prefer to go deeper. Thus, people who are fans of scuba diving might want to try ice diving, which is a specialized type of underwater activity that takes place under ice. Given the fact that there normally is only one specially made ice-hole on the surface, this activity might be very dangerous for inexperienced divers.

- Shovel racing, or ‘shoveljoring’. I bet you haven’t heard this one before!  It takes a great deal of guts to try but if you do, it’ll give you a thrill that is hard to forget. Originally ski lift operators used shovels to get down the slopes quickly and that’s how it appeared, however with time many new types of shovel racing were introduced including the one, which involves hitching up a shovel to a horse. It even used to be a part of the winter X games but soon removed because of some safety concerns. Why is that, I wonder?

- Polar bear swimming and jumping is one of my favorite winter-time sports.  One good dive into freezing water might be just what you need to wake up in the morning. You should consider it if you think your life is getting boring … or to hard to cope with.

- Heliskiing is a great fun for snowboarders as well as skiers.  All you need is the right frame of mind and a helicopter. Heliskiing allows its practitioners to enjoy the virgin snow of remote terrains.

Man’s age-long desire for extreme fun has resulted into a number of wacky winter sports. Some appeared out of pure inspiration and curiosity while others had a very practical application. Anyway all of them were born to give you some of the most exciting and unforgettable moments of your life. So, dress for the weather and don’t forget to take your camera with you!


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