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Educational Trend We Are To Expect In 2013

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Last year we saw many changes taking place in our education system. Thus, there were numerous STEM education initiatives, designed to promote students’ interest in STEM and encourage them to pursue careers in these fields; new common standards, remodeled school weeks and increased popularity of online and digitally-enhanced learning.

These and other changes were caused by two main underlying factors, which are advances in educational technology and nationwide emphasis on college readiness for high-school leavers. We also witnessed numerous debates and disputes over the studying-for-the-test practices.

Educational experts and policy-makers predict this new academic year will mainly focus on keeping up with the same positive trends we saw last year. Here are five main trends in education we can expect in 2013:

1.Flipped Classrooms.

Last year we saw the traditional classroom model being turned upside down or “flipped”. Teachers no longer expect their students to do homework in the traditional way, now all the assignments and worksheets are to be completed in class collaboratively while lecturing itself takes place at home with the help of recorded video lessons from their teachers and interactive online discussions with their classmates. The bottom line of the whole experiment is to help students develop critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills that they will need at their 21st century workplace.

2.Blended learning.

At the age of technology, schools have finally recognized the importance of using tech-enhanced learning tools alongside traditional classroom instruction. At present, the biggest challenge of the blended learning method is to teach students to use it to benefit their learning rather than distract. Teachers will have to undergo serious training to make sure they take full advantage of technology in their classrooms.

3.New Common Core Standards.

New Common Core Standards have been designed to focus on helping students develop critical thinking and analytical skills through math and English subjects. Although they will come into effect only in 2014, schools around the country are expected to partly start testing the new standards this year.

4.Game-based learning.

Game-based learning will enjoy popularity in the months to come. Classroom teachers are only getting to know the benefits GBL offers but the first results are more than promising. Interactive warm-up math games, learning simulations are designed to balance out subject matter and entertainment to keep students engaged and interested all the way.

5.Social media.

Social media is already playing a great role in many aspects of our life. We use it to socialize, work, advertise, do shopping etc. Thus, it comes as no surprise that soon it will become a great resource for learning as well. Even now, we can see numerous classroom-focused blogs and student-created YouTube videos.


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