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Eduboard Presents an Improved and Much More Flexible Educational Platform

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Hey guys,
Eduboard team is happy to inform you that our service is becoming better. Over the last year, we have been carefully gathering and reviewing all our students’ and tutors’ comments, feedback and opinions trying to understand how to make our online tutoring service even more effective, affordable and convenient for its users.
Today we are pleased to introduce you a new improved educational platform where students of all ages and skill levels can easily and quickly connect to the most experienced and qualified tutors from all over the world.

3 New Tutoring Options

options prices
Seeking to make our services really comprehensive, we have introduced 3 new tutoring options that allow our students to get help in the way that is most suitable to their learning needs, financial abilities and time available. At present, students can choose between pre-scheduled tutoring sessions, Q&A-based assistance and video tutorials.

Just Answers

just answers
Our easy-to-use Q&A board allows you to connect to an expert instantly without having to schedule and wait for an appointment. Students who have a last-minute question that cannot wait can now get in touch with one of our online experts and be helped immediately! This is the most affordable tutoring option. The average price starts with only $2 per question.

Video Tutorials

video tutorials
A new wonderful option available at Eduboard is called “Video tutorial”. By choosing this option, students can get a video answer to their homework question containing detailed and stepwise instruction, created by the teacher with the help of our interactive whiteboard technology. They can watch this video when they have time and share it with their friends who are struggling with the same problem! The average price amounts to $15 per video answer.

Online Sessions

online session
However, the easiest and most effective way to get quality help is through regular online sessions with one of our tutors. The tutor will assess the student’s skills and abilities, identify problems and weaknesses and offer an adequate and personalized program designed to meet their individual learning needs. Pre-scheduled weekly sessions are of great help to students who are struggling with their learning on a regular basis and need profound tutoring intervention to improve their grades and advance skills. This tutoring option can cost a student in between $20 per 30 minutes.

1 Short Form for All Types of Orders

order form
Another wonderful improvement at Eduboard is designed to make the tutor search process quick and easy. As of now, students do not need to fill out a separate form for each option. We’ve simplified the process by introducing one common form for all types of orders. A student who needs tutor’s help can fill out the order form and choose among the tutors who applied for it based on their qualifications, price and tutoring options they provide.

Fast-Growing Tutor Base

eduboard tutors
We have also advanced our tutor selection process, adding an English test and phone interview to the list of our application requirements. Now the whole process is much more effective and faster. As the result, more than 200 professional tutors have joined our team over the last few months.

Overall, our system has been significantly improved and become an even more convenient and flexible educational platform where students can connect to online tutors for real-time expert help.


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