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Eduboard Launches!

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Hi, everyone!

I am really happy to inform you that Eduboard has been launched and starts working today! At the very moment you can use ‘Get an Answer’ service. So, if you are stuck with your homework right now, do not hesitate to ask the question and get the text-based guidance from our experts. Eduboard is here for you 24/7!

You will be able to use the ‘Hire a Tutor’ module in 2 weeks. We are currently building it to provide you with the exclusive opportunity to get quality and feature-based tutoring online service. Each of these efforts has one goal in common: we want empower you with the most effective tools to be educated and share knowledge. We will surely notify you with our newsletter when it launches.

Firstly, I want to say that Eduboard is commonly the service to help. As we aim to make this world smarter, we provide the vision that knowledge must be shared advancely. Agreed? Now, I am more than confident you have a lot of questions. Let me give you some answers.

What we actually do? Eduboard provides tutors and tutees with the platform and feature-customized educating ‘whiteboard’ tools to master the learning material and deepen the knowledge concepts through the interactive sessions. We at aim to ensure the unlimited possibilities and access to the most qualitative education process online in the verge of ‘smartizing’ it.

Why? Through this, we are more than keen to empower you with the education and skills that will improve your life, save your time and make your learning effective. So, if needed tutoring, homework help or test preparation, you’ll join our community and get the most advanced assistance and expert advice notwithstanding how difficult the problem is. We aim to provide the most advanced online assistance with homework help to anyone whenever needed.

So what? We know that you’re busy and have a lot to do. Sleepless nights? Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee… No solution already? OMG! You need it till tomorrow’s morning? That’s when we come. Eduboard will help you with any problem providing fast exact answers, the only thing you need to do is to choose between tutoring service and homework help asks and post your problem. Benita! Capturing the serenity of mastering new ideas and concepts, our key syllabus is to provide it quickly and effectively. We can help.

QUALITY, QUALITY, and Flexibility. Our team wants to provide the true quality, flexibility and support to our users. It means you could choose you own pricing plan, pace and educating style. By apparently indicating the double-measured study progress, we want you to succeed! Hush, guess that’s all for today!


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