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Debunking Myths About College Life

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What do people, who are about to go to college, feel like? Thrilled tremendously, burning with excitement and eager to take this big step in their life. However, before launching on such a life-changing venture, it is a good idea to try to learn more about what is expecting you on the way. The statistics show that many students experience something like “Paris Syndrome” within their first weeks of college when their expectations start clashing against the wall of reality. It might take one a lot of time to adjust to new academic requirements but it can take one even longer to make up their mind to the idea that college life is not what they expected.
To make the process of disillusionment less painful, here are some things you should know before you set off to college:

You should go to classes.

All of them. You might have heard that attendance in college is not the issue to be concerned about. You might even have friends who say they never went to classes but still managed to get their diploma. Do you consider yourself to be that lucky? Are you sure, the professor will not decide to hold a pop-quiz on the same day you choose to stay in the dorm and have a nap? Whatever they say, attending college classes is still compulsory.

Professors are not always eager to help you.

These people are usually extremely busy doing their research, writing publications etc. Expecting a professor to make time out of his busy schedule to teach you about something you could have learned if you had visited the class, you chose to skip, is ridiculously naïve. That, of course, does not mean all professors are unapproachable but, let’s put it this way, it is hardly possible that a professor will break his appointments for poor little you.

College food is terrible.

You really expected something else? Save this one for someone who has never been there! As soon as you freshmen orientation is over and your parents depart, get ready for a bit of a shock. Moldy pizza, re-used oil and burnt sausages – that’s what college food is all about. Take my advice learn how to make your own sandwich before going to college!

Not everyone is involved with sororities and fraternities.

Take any movie featuring college life and you will see how it paints a pretty picture of every single student from the jocks to the nerds and losers being in the Greek system. They party, drink and have sex constantly. They are full of people who are eager to help you get a job, pass a test or build long-term relationships. In real life, the situation with sororities and frats is very different. People, who want to become members of any such sisterhood or brotherhood, should prepare themselves for a stressful and nerve-wracking process that will consume a lot of time and energy.
If your sole aspiration is to find reliable and quality friends on campus, sororities and frats are not the places to look for them.

You are most likely to change your major.

Over 80% of all college students change their majors at least once during their time in college. The truth is, most students change their majors about three times until they are settled with something they truly enjoy. Some do that because they realize the major they chose is now what they thought it would be, others change majors simply because the classes are chock-full. Whatever the reasons are, you have to be extremely determined to keep up with your major all throughout college.

What other misconceptions exist about college life? What was your college experience like? Share your college with us!


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