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Congrats on Thanksgiving!

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Dear tutors and students!

Today is Friday, literally, the Thanksgiving day itself (which is meant to be Thursday) is already gone, but huh! There are still some days to follow for us to delight with this holiday spirit in the circle of your family with plethora delicious food.

We wish you to extend this wonderful holiday essence for longer than just this weekend period. Eduboard wishes you to always find things to be thankful for, not only on this special occasion, but in your everyday life to be thankful for your families, academic achievements, job and many other things you cherish!

In our turn we would like to tell you that we are thankful for cooperation with YOU and we wish to use every opportunity in our service to show you how precious you are for us!

Expecting on your new achievements and assisting you to accomplish them!


Eduboard team


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