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Common Mistakes and Problems

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common mistakes

Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes; even professors. Students, writers, and teachers all need a little reminder of what not to do. So, here you will see a list of the top 10 mistakes made in essays. In this list are the most “popular” errors:

1. Vague Language;
the essay Is generic and lacking detail.

2. Length; the essay is too long. Don’t go beyond the stated limit.

3. Lack of Focus; the essay doesn’t answer the question. Read the prompt multiple times before writing, and read it again carefully after you’ve written your essay.

4. No thesis; a thesis is your basic argument; one sentence which sums up the debate.

5. No conclusion; don’t stop writing an essay before it ends. A summary is always required in essay writing.

6. No evidence; an essay without evidence proves absolutely nothing and will become pure opinion. Remember, evidence makes facts.

7. Misuse of commas; Don’t use commas everywhere. First look in a grammar book, then only put in necessary ones.

8. Plagiarism; plagiarism is when you take another person’s writing, fact, text, and use it as your own. Always cite your facts!

9. Repetition; don’t discus the same idea in every single paragraph, it borders on boredom and repetition. It appears as if you obviously have little to say or probably that you have done little work.

10. Lack of structure; every essay needs structure: introduction, body and conclusion. There is more about this in section Writing Tips.


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