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Cheerleading Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

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Cheerleading is one of the most difficult, exciting and, more importantly, competitive sports in the U.S. It is closely associated with football and basketball, however it is common for a baseball or volleyball team to have their cheerleading squads to support and encourage them at game during the year.

This sport requires its practitioners to exercise great dedication and determination throughout the performance. Still there are those who seem to be born to shine while others go almost unnoticed being a good wheelhorse but nothing more. So what makes an outstanding cheerleader?

Here are some simple tips you can use to improve your skills and become a valuable asset to the whole squad:
• The first and the most important thing to remember is that a good cheerleader is all smiles and laughs no matter what. Your team might be losing 0-40, your knee injury can be killing you and the team failed a stunt you had been practicing for weeks, you keep on smiling anyway.

• There are going to be hundreds of people watching you and waiting to hear you. You have to belt it out as hard as you possibly can. This requires extensive preparation since you will have to be able to both shout and move at the same time. If you think it is impossible, take a look at all those pop stars that can move around the stage like crazy monkeys and still perform excellently.

• A good cheerleader is always in control of her body. There cannot be any by-movements or unexpected cries. Their moves are rigid and accurate. It is not that hard to learn to be tight and snappy.

• If you really want to be an essential part of a cheerleading team, you have to learn the language. As any other popular sport, cheerleading has its vocabulary, which only those involved can understand. If you understand that the words like “banana”, “pretzel”, “liberty” and “table top”, actually mean nothing like fruit of freedom and furniture, you are a true cheerleader!

• Finally, you must remember that this sport is very competitive. So in order to succeed you have to love the contest! Through rivalry, you become more experienced and fearless.

However, this is only tip of the iceberg, in fact cheerleading will primarily require you a lot of hard work, many hours of exhausting try-outs and huge motivation to become the best. Is it worth it? Of course it is!


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