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Celebrities and their Problems in Learning

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Has your kid been just diagnosed to be learning disabled or having an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? If you are frustrated at this situation just try to imagine how the child must be feeling at the moment. As the result of the erroneous misperception of such conditions, which exists in our society, ADHD or LD children often face greater challenges of both academic and social nature. However, even if that is your case, it is too early to panic.

Let us take a look at some celebrities who were diagnosed as having learning disabilities but nevertheless grew up to achieve much in their life.

We all know, love and admire them. They are great, talented and successful. We can see these people in the films, hear them on the radio or read about them in magazines. However many famous people had to go through some academic hoops before they got where they are now. This might be a nice inspirational example for your kid to follow.

Whoopi Goldberg had no idea about her dyslexia, that prevented her from being able to read and comprehend the written material, until she met an understanding and caring teacher who did her best to help the frustrated child to develop important learning strategies that made it possible for Whoopi to promote her reading and comprehension skills, which came in very useful as she became a world-famous Oscar-winning actress, admired by millions.

As a teenager, Orlando Bloom also had his problems with reading and simply could not recognize some letters. He says that in order to get into the Guildhall School of Music and Drama he was forced to face the problem straightforwardly investing a lot of time and effort. Well we might now see those investments returned with interest making Orlando one of the most highly-paid actors of Hollywood.

The Break-Up star Vince Vaughn is actually grateful for his attention deficit disorder experience for it made him try harder at school and develop effective working skills that helped Vince to keep up with his non-dyslexic peers.

An accomplished actor and Lethal Weapon star, Danny Glover, faced similar problems at school. Being unable to read well, Danny on the other hand was really good with numbers, which, in his own words, gave him the encouragement he desperately needed at that time. He re-focused his attention on what was his academic strength and finally managed to overcome the initial problem.

Another ADDer who did poorly at school struggling with reading and writing is Tom Cruise, who says school was a nightmare as the result of his condition. The boy spent much time in remedial reading classes. With his mother’s support and a dream in his heart the boy finally learned to read and became a famous actor loved by many.

At present all these people are very supportive of charitable causes aimed to promote public awareness of the problems that dyslexic children have and help them feel more successful. Many of the abovementioned celebrities agree that the one important thing, which helped them to overcome dyslexia or ADHD, is the support and care of adults who were around in the first place.



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