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Careers to Watch: Accounting

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Today we’re starting a new column where we’ll talk about most promising and popular careers in the years to come. In this column we’ll discuss the most popular jobs in STEM fields, talk about highest-paying careers and try to make a list of top five skills that each job requires. Besides, we’ll try to give you first-hand information from people who work in the area of interest.  We hope it can help you to make better and more informed decisions. And today we are going to take a closer look at the accountant job profile.

Being an accountant means being good at numbers, having good memory and organizational skills. The profession is the first choice for those who like to use their logic and can easily concentrate on details. There are many areas for accountants to apply their skills such as public accounting, taxes, management counseling, auditing, to name just a few. Naturally, accounting is one of the highest-paying careers to be found at the U.S. job market. The duties accountants perform are various: they vary from computation of taxes and financial analysis to economic crime investigations such as securities frauds or misappropriation. Employed by the federal, state or local governments, accountants keep books for government agencies; sometimes they are hired to audit the work of private companies and firms in the area of taxpaying.

The statistics say the job of accountant is going to be in demand for the next 8 years and is even expected to experience a 15% growth in the number of job vacancies. This coupled with the average salary for an accountant, which, by the way, amounted to approximately $61,000 in 2010, makes this career the 21-st best job of 2012.  The highest-paying professional in accounting are said to earn as much as $106,000 per year while their less fortunate colleagues who have little or no working experience at all earn about $39,000 a year.

So, now let’s think about the qualities and skills which are essential to pursue a career in accounting.  In order to thrive in this field a person is required to possess numerical competency, which is obvious, besides it’s mandatory that an accountant be attentive to details and diligent to stand long hours of monotonous work. Problem solving and time management are two more skills that help an accountant in his profession. Working to deadlines is an integral part of an accountant’s job. Some people find accounting a very boring professional field, too monotonous to enjoy, only people who are truly passionate about it can see the enchanting beauty of numbers.

And finally, here are a few tips from successful accountants that you may find useful.

-          You’ve got to be prepared to travel a lot. Those who work in on-site audit or business counseling do not usually have time to sit in their office or enjoy friendly conversations over lunch with their colleagues.

-          People, who work in accounting, even top specialists, are usually little-known outside their profession.

-          Accounting job is a great opportunity to meet different people and work with different companies. This can give you wonderful opportunities for personal development.




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