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Beware Kids! Here Comes Your Mommy!

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The Education Database Online has recently released a somewhat shocking report, which says that over half of parents who join Facebook these days, do so because they want to keep closer track on their kids’ online activities.

Long gone are the days when our parents were too shy or digitally inexperienced to use social media networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to see what was going on in their children’s life. The best they could do was to ask someone more tech-savvy to take a look at their kid’s online profile and see whether or not they are being discreet and cautious Internet users.

Today, however, parents have evolved to become more informed and thus better prepared to use social media to their own parental advantage. They join Facebook to befriend their children (how could one possibly not add mom to a friend-list?) and launch on a new exciting online voyage under the slogan of “smart parental involvement”.

You think that sucks? How about those parents who join social networking sites under a different name and guise themselves as your peers? They create profiles that are potentially appealing. They cozy up to you and eventually become your friends who you trust with your secrets and share problems with. Of course, this is rather an exception to the rules than the tendency. But still…

Here are some interesting statistics to keep you entertained:



Presently, about 75% of American moms have their Facebook account compared to 50% in 2010.



Of all parents who use Facebook, over 90% are friends with their kids.



43% of Facebook parents review their children’s profile daily.



65% of children at the age of 13 or younger are the initiators of befriending their parents on Facebook, while among young people of about 20 years old, there are only 40% of those who offer friendship to their parents.



Other 20% say they hate when parents post photos of their kids’ early childhood.



1 in 3 kids say they are often embarrassed by their parents’ comments on Facebook.



One third of children secretly wish they could remove their parents from the friend list.



Your relationship status, new photos you are tagged in and comments – these are the things they take a lively interest in.

So next time someone requests to be your Facebook friend, think twice before you choose to add this person to the list.
Guys, the post was meant to be much of a joke. Seriously speaking, I’d like to say that when joining Facebook or any other site of this kind, your mom and dad are probably looking for ways to connect to you and set up a healthy discussion. Be aware of their needs and concerns. Remember, family is the only thing that matters!


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