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A Few More Words about Why Online Learning Is the Key to Success

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The Internet has made our communication easier and knowledge much more accessible than ever before. With its help we are now able to work, travel and study from home. It has erased many social, religious, geographical and political boundaries that used to keep people apart. One of the greatest advantages that the Internet has introduced to us is the availability of information on virtually any subject. In the past it took people much time and effort to find some information. They would go to the libraries, attend lectures, seminars and conferences on campus, and subscribe to journals and periodicals. Now everything you need to know is just one click away from you. No wonder people are getting more interested in the many opportunities that online learning can present. They are various indeed: people can attend online courses or educate themselves with the help of free study materials provided by the best and most established universities.

Many experts believe there is a major shift in concepts of higher education taking place right now. What was once an exclusive privilege of a few has been made accessible to many by the Internet. Higher education has become more flexible to people’s needs. And although there are still many skeptically focused educators and institutions that doubt the effectiveness and real world value of online learning, the fact, that more than 5.6 million students are currently enrolled in online courses, speaks for itself.

So, what is there in online education that makes it so very popular and fast-spreading?

  • To start with, online learning has proved to provide a quite positive impact on students’ academic performance. Its good effect has been especially noticeable in STEM-related disciplines. Experts say it indicates the need for students to have more educational options and more freedom to choose what’s best for them.
  • Another great advantage of the Internet is that it has made education so much more accessible and available to everyone. There is no more need to attend on-campus lectures every day or hand in essays and assignments to teachers in person. You might stay at home or travel abroad and still be an active participant of an online class.
  • Apart from the fact that online learning is much more convenient and flexible, it is also more affordable. This seems to be especially important in terms of unstable economic situation, high unemployment and increasing student loan debt.

Obviously, online education has its downsides as well such as a less personalized learning environment and lack of credit from potential employers. But given the popularity and easy-to-get nature of this form of learning, it is predicted to play an even greater role in the future of education.



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