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6 Tips and Tricks That Will Help Motivate Millennial Workers

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Around 80 million young Americans now belong to the so-called generation of millennials. These are well-educated, culturally diverse and ambitious people aged 18 to 35, who presently comprise for about 36% of the U.S. workforce. However, they are also notorious for changing jobs too often because they mistrust the traditional hierarchies and dislike bureaucracy. This puts many employers in a rather difficult position of having to think up some new ways to keep the millennials engaged and motivated.

Some time ago a bunch of leadership and millennial experts teamed up to discuss the possible ways to inspire millennial workers. As they result of their work, they introduced some amazing strategies and tips any good business leader has to know. Here are 6 simple tips and tricks you might want to take on board:

1. Carefully Explain the Company Vision and Business Strategy

It appears that many millennials tend to get disengaged if they cannot see clearly where the company is going and what goals it is trying to achieve. By taking time to explain the whole picture, you will be able to add more meaning to their work and show them the impact they can produce. If you want to give your millennials a clearer sense of purpose and make them feel valued, first help them understand their role in a bigger plan.

2. Emphasize Community Service

All recent studies on the behaviors of millennial workers show that having a well-paying career for them is less important than having the opportunity to help people. By allowing or even encouraging your employees to use company resources or time to help the good cause, you make them feel good about the company.

3. Introduce In-between Career Progression Steps

Millennials are less likely to be willing to wait for 3 or 5 years to get a promotion. They want to see how much their efforts are appreciated and they want to see it regularly. By introducing small in-between incentive steps, you can meet your employees’ desire for career progression.

4. Provide Regular Feedback and Encouragement

Having immediate feedback and regular encouragement means much more for millennial workers than it used to mean for their parents or older siblings. Luckily, unlike our other tips, this one is very easy to accomplish. Just take time to thank your employee for his nice work, congratulate him on a new client or provide supportive and encouraging feedback, and you’ll be surprised to see how it will immediately recharge their motivation to do even better! Many managers are skeptical about this approach for they think it makes the millennials want undeserved rewards, however, if you know how to keep a sensible balance and make it clear from the beginning that you reward good work only, things are likely to turn out great!

5. Offer More Flexibility

The idea of having to sit at a desk all day does not appeal to millennial workers at all. Being tech-savvy, they are able to work anytime and anywhere with a good Internet connection. A 2012 study of the generation of millennial workers showed that the majority of them are willing to compromise on their salary and bonuses if they are offered to have longer vacation time or allowed to work outside the office.

6. Provide Education and Personal Development Opportunities

One of the top professional incentives identified by millennial workers is the opportunity to continue their education and develop more skills. If you don’t provide those, you are likely to lose them. Assigning occasionally some stretch projects, sending employees to leadership conferences or inviting speakers will help the millennials stay motivated and improve their skills.

To sum it up, in order to keep your millennials engaged and motivated, you have to satisfy their psychological wants and needs for achievement, recognition, autonomy, and professional growth.



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