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5 Main Ways How Education Is Different Today

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We have seen great changes in education over the past few decades. As technology advances, new innovative ways to learn appear. Tablets, mobile phones and computers are now widely used to obtain knowledge and deliver instruction. Online education leverages new technology to help students learn in a new way, removing all geographical, social or physical barriers. Students who previously struggled in a traditional classroom environment today are faced with numerous exciting opportunities.

Here is the list of top 5 changes in K-12 education:

1. Advances in Technology

About 98% of all U.S. classrooms today have Internet access compared to only 50% early in 2000s. Students are no longer bound by the walls of classroom. Learning can take place anywhere and at any time. Neither do students depend only on lectures and printed materials – with the abundance of electronic tools, information is as interactive and accessible as it can be.

Advances in educational technology have resulted in new forms of learning making it possible to meet the needs of every child – homeschooling, virtual schools, flipped classrooms – students can now choose which form of schooling suits them best!

2. Individual Approach to Teaching

While in traditional brick-and-mortar schools teachers are usually pretty limited in their ability to meet the various learning needs of their students and cannot always suit the pace and the learning style of a particular student, which often results in students’ falling behind or feeling unchallenged, online schools teachers feel much more flexible in tailoring their teaching techniques to the individual.

This definitely helps a student obtain all the attention and support they need to progress at their own level.

3. Better Understanding of Student’s Personal Needs

In the past, students who were learning disabled or suffered a serious condition that prevented them from performing at the same level with their classmates, would normally struggle in a group of general-ed peers. The same was true for students who performed at a higher level than their classmates, and felt bored and unchallenged in school, with teachers being unable to devote much attention to their personal needs. Now, that online learning is accessible to anyone, the problem is no longer there.

Today students who require personalized attention or have special needs because of some challenges such as lack of attention and concentration, autism etc., can have more flexibility of choice and get educated in a safe and supportive environment.

4. Education Starts Early in Childhood

Over the years, educational professionals have come to realize that early learning can make a huge difference in a child’s development. Children who are enrolled in preschool education programs are less likely to drop out and more likely to pursue a degree in college. Pre-K readiness programs help develop children’s natural abilities and make the transition to school smooth and painless.

5. College Education Is Available to Anyone

In the past, a student who wanted to pursue a degree in college or university was limited in their choice. There were schools a student could apply given his test results and financial situation and there were schools, which were for elite-only. While test scores and financial abilities still count, students now have more freedom in choosing their college education options.

Online degree programs are numerous and varied. Students can easily combine learning with part-time or full-time jobs, travelling, sports and other activities. More and more employers consider online degree holders to have great potential and thus to be totally acceptable candidates for well-paying positions.

In the future, education will continue to advance as innovative tools and ideas continue to develop — giving students more choices and opportunities to thrive academically.



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