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5 Funny Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Their Classroom Presentation Fear

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Making public speeches is an extremely stressful experience dreaded by many otherwise confident and courageous adults let alone children who are much more vulnerable to criticism and often find it difficult to control their emotions.

Some amount of anxiety is quite healthy and explicable, it indicates that a person takes the matter seriously and helps him to stay focused all along. However, if a person does not try to recognize and deal with it properly at an early stage, it can later transform into an irrational fear passing through his adult life.

If your child’s classroom presentation is due soon and you can see how increasingly nervous he is growing, there are a few things you can do to reassure and support him, help him feel safe and positive about a new exciting experience he is going to acquire.

There are a number of well-known tips on how to make a good presentation that you can explain to your child. They include planning, making outlines, preparing crib notes and, of course, practicing. However, in this article we are going to talk about some off-beat funny ways that any public speaker can resort to if he feels uncomfortable giving a speech.

1. The first one is known to many. It is one of the most popular humorous tricks that help people to quickly overcome their shyness. Imagining someone wearing their undergarment only or being dressed in a funny pink fairy costume can help your child to relieve his anxiety and take his mind off the fact that he is being watched and listened to by many people.

2. A child, who is worried about people not paying attention to his speech, can find it helpful to start his presentation with a memorized joke, anecdote or a short funny story that will not only soothe him but also help to attract the attention of the audience to his speaking. The joke should be appropriate and comprehensible.  Make sure your child understands it well.

3. Making mistakes is unavoidable so try to explain your child how he can benefit from it. If he stumbles while giving a speech or realizes that he made a mistake, the last thing he should do is to start apologizing or trying to explain why he made it. The audience will be very responsive to the reaction of the speaker himself, thus if he gets confused the audience will be very uncomfortable listening to him.  It is better to make a little fun of it and continue his speech.

4. Practice with your child some tricky questions, which can pop up during his presentation and throw him off track. Show him how he can handle unexpected situations that might occur. Teach your kid to face any difficulties that he may come across in good fun.

5. Whatever happens during that presentation your child will need your every support and approval. Show him how proud you are of him and how successful you think he is. Be sincere, understanding and positive and that is exactly what your child needs!

We hope these tips will be helpful for you! Good luck!




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