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3 Useful Tips to Help Teachers Stay Focused and Organized All Year Round

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Even the most enthusiastic and seemingly well-prepared teachers who start a new academic year very energetically, at the end of the semester might find themselves in the position of falling behind their well planned teaching schedule. It does not happen because they lack skills or knowledge but because the curriculum is often too challenging. See for yourself: apart from teaching itself educators are required to do some lesson planning preparatory work, think about how to best integrate technology tools into students’ work to make it easier and more beneficial, how to keep children engaged and interested in class and willing to do their homework. On top of that they have to do the never-ending paperwork, hold parent conferences and provide feedback on students’ work.  All of this is very time-consuming and attention-demanding and so it takes a highly-organized and focused person to cope with the workload successfully. No wonder many teachers start feeling exhausted and out of sorts by the end of December. This in its turn affects their teaching and students’ learning greatly.

But there are a few simple tips that can help teachers to strike organizational balance in their work and stay focused and enthusiastic all the time.

- It is essential for a teacher to use a system that will allow to organize their work effectively.  Personalized organization method can help to easily complete all stages of your work such as gathering information, processing it, arranging the processed results, studying the results and coming into action.

- It is not easy to keep all the information in your head all the time. Being overstretched a teacher can have some things slip the mind, so it is a good idea to write them down. Whenever things start getting out of control, take time to put them on paper and arrange them in order of their importance. It might be a little boring to write down everything and it will definitely require you to exercise much forbearance however once you make it your habit to put down all the important aspects, you will see how much more organized and streamlined your work is. There are a number of effective planning and organization tech tools to look at such as Google Calendar, Producteev or Wunderlist.

- Do you think your students are the only ones who work better in groups? Arrange your own study group with other teachers! Only here you are not going to actually study anything but do the so-called co-planning. Haven’t heard of that one, have you? Well, co-planning is a very effective method for organizing your work, which provides for a few teachers to get together and share thoughts, ideas or resources. This is a great idea to take for new teachers who feel they need some extra feedback on their work. If you cannot find a colleague who is ready to help you at school, you can always find one online.

There are many more ways to help a person become more organized and focused. They are all different but all of them are designed to make a person more productive and better prepared.



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