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20 Most Important Reasons Why Teachers Rock

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With all the gloom and doom swirling around teachers’ jobs lately, it is nice to once again remind everybody why we should be grateful to these people and why their work matters.

Here are 20 most common reasons why teachers rock:

1. Teachers rock because they are true experts in multitasking and quick decision-making. They are perfectly comfortable with helping a group of 20 children complete their reading assignment, making sure nobody is disengaged and at the same time filling out a millionth form in triplicate!

2. Teachers rock because they are very humble and appreciative. All it takes to please a teacher is a simple thank-you from their students. That is the best gift they expect!

3. Teachers rock because they can make anyone regardless of their age feel special and unique.

4. Teachers rock because they really love working with kids. According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of teachers said the main reason for their staying in this profession was the opportunity to help kids.

5. Teachers rock because they do not think of constant overwork as of some heroical deed and enjoy the opportunity to help students beyond the classroom.

6. Teachers rock because they still love what they do even though they cannot always see the immediate results of their hard work and dedication.

7. Teachers rock because after a day filled with numerous meeting, email checks, piles of papers to grade and hundreds of voicemails to listen to, they are still able to smile to a student who asks them for help!

8. Teachers rock because they seem to know every answer to virtually every question their students ask them.

9. Teachers rock because they always seek ways to become closer and more helpful to their students even if it implies using social networking sites, posting tweets and starting their own blog!

10. Teachers rock because they are willing to spend their time on doing things that can help their students even though they know they will not be compensated for this work. The average teacher spends 11.6 hours a week on non-compensated duties.

11. Teachers rock because they are brave enough to take responsibility for shaping a person’s future.

12. Teachers rock because they can turn virtually anything into a teaching tool. Be it a cell phone or a paper towel roll, teachers always know how to use it to help students learn better.

13. Teachers rock because they are the world’s best speech givers. They can easily hold the attention of a room full of young kids for all day long.

14. Teachers rock because they do not get tired to learn something new that can help them improve their skills. Teachers are life-long learners and they are proud of it!

15. Teachers rock because they are extremely patient and tolerant. They can not only put up with their students’ antics but also enjoy them!

16. Teachers rock because unlike other adults they can genuinely enjoy things like school plays, spelling competitions, pep rallies and snow days!

17. Teachers rock because they live to witness “lightbulb moments” their students sometimes have.

18. Teachers rock because they have an amazing imagination that makes them the best storytellers. They also have a pleasing sense of humor, which has long proved to be one of the most effective teaching tools ever!

19. Teachers rock because they know how to make learning fun with creative projects, new motivational games, new technologies etc.

20. Teachers rock because they are the ones who teach, motivate, inspire and challenge future presidents, actors, doctors, lawyers and others!

Although these people are often under-appreciated and underpaid, they love their jobs with all they hearts and are completely dedicated to making our world a better place for everybody! That is the most important thing we should thank them for!



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