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10 Fun things you should know about Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day takes place on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, though many people are not that much familiar with fun and interesting facts surrounding this holiday.

Here at Eduboard, we decided to throw some light on it. We hope you will enjoy reading some of the stats and fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

    • Hallmark made the first Valentine’s card in 1913. Now, Hallmark offers over 1,330 different Valentine’s cards to give to loved ones on this special occasion.
    • There are enough candy hearts made each year to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy, and back again over 20 times. The number of these candy hearts produced yearly is approximately 8 billion.
    • On Valentine’s Day, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for his telephone patent.
    • The phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve” has a historical meaning. In the middle ages, young people would draw the name of their valentine from a bowl. They had to wear the name on their sleeve for one week.
    • Every year, Americans spend over $3.6 million on their loved ones for Valentine’s Day.
    • Dia dos Namorados—translated as “Lovers’ Day”, “Day of the Enamored”, or “Boyfriends’/Girlfriends’ Day”— is celebrated on June 12 as a holiday of lovers in Brazil. The holiday is celebrated in a manner similar to the way that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 in different parts of the world.
    • In the middle ages, a widely spread superstition said that if you were single, you would end up marrying the first single person of the opposite sex that you met on Valentine’s Day.
    • Singaporeans are among the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day, with 60% of Singaporeans indicating that they would spend between $100 and $500 during the season leading up to the holiday.
    • In Norfolk, England, Jack Valentine, otherwise known as Old Father Valentine or Old Mother Valentine, disappears into thin air after knocking on the door and dropping off their gifts. That’s the only surviving Norfolk ritual.
    • The oldest surviving Valentine’s Day poem was written on a clay tablet around 3500 B.C. It belonged to the inventors of writing, the Sumerians. You can find the poem below. Shu-Sin is the Sumerian King to whom the poem was recited.

Bridegroom, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,
Lion, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.
You have captivated me,
Let me stand tremblingly before you.
Bridegroom, I would be taken by you to the bedchamber,
You have captivated me,
Let me stand tremblingly before you.
Lion, I would be taken by you to the bedchamber.
Bridegroom, let me caress you,
My precious caress is more savory than honey,
In the bedchamber, honey-filled,
Let me enjoy your goodly beauty,
Lion, let me caress you,
My precious caress is more savory than honey.
Bridegroom, you have taken your pleasure of me,
Tell my mother, she will give you delicacies,
My father, he will give you gifts.
Your spirit, I know where to cheer your spirit,
Bridegroom, sleep in our house until dawn,
Your heart, I know where to gladden your heart,
Lion, sleep in our house until dawn.
You, because you love me,
Give me pray of your caresses,
My lord god, my lord protector,
My Shu-Sin, who gladdens Enlil’s heart,
Give my pray of your caresses.
Your place goodly as honey, pray lay your hand on it,
Bring your hand over like a gishban-garment,
Cup your hand over it like a gishban-sikin-garment.

That’s amazing how fascinating history facts and statistics can enlighten our understanding of ordinary things and dates!

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