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There Is Nothing Spooky About Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is defined as the act of writing books or other pieces in which another “author” receives full credit. Often, the official author, a celebrity, politician, or another public figure can sell books under his own name, while not necessarily being the one who wrotethese books. This person hires a ghost as a freelance writer to produce copywriter work for a fee.

Ghostwriting presents the ideas of an author in the words of a stand-in writer. The author has something to share, but…

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Online tutoring with all its pros and cons – Benjamin Johnson

We have almost 1 thousand tutors from across the USA and Canada. Some of them pursue teaching and tutoring as their only career. However, lots of Eduboard tutors are still students themselves, so tutoring turns out to be a nice way of supplementary income for such tutors.  One of them, Benjamin Johnson, was recently interviewed by an Eduboard representative. You can find the interview below.

Subjects:  Math, Science, Engineering, Business, English

Eduboard tutoring experience: 2…

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10 Fun things you should know about Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day takes place on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, though many people are not that much familiar with fun and interesting facts surrounding this holiday.

Here at Eduboard, we decided to throw some light on it. We hope you will enjoy reading some of the stats and fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

  • Hallmark made the first Valentine’s card in 1913. Now, Hallmark offers over 1,330 different Valentine’s cards to give to loved ones…

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Firsthand Eduboard Experience – Donald Squires

Donald Squires, one of the language arts tutors, was recently interviewed by an Eduboard representative. Donald shared his Eduboard story. We hope you will enjoy reading about advantages and disadvantages of online tutoring straight from the horse’s mouth.

Subjects:  Essay Writing, English

Eduboard tutoring experience: 3 months

Rating: 4.67/5

Education:  Master’s Degree in English at the University of Illinois at Springfield

Work Experience:  Worked mainly in the Healthcare…

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Celebrities Confirm The Crucial Importance Of Arts Education

Those who have studied learning processes throughout ages, beginning with Plato, emphasize the importance of the arts in the educational process. Studying arts is important not only as a part of our heritage. Statistics proves that students’ involvement in arts results in improved math, reading, and cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills as well as motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. Numerous brain studies prove that arts develop neural systems producing a…

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An Inside Look at Eduboard tutoring – Neil McLeod

Neil McLead


Neil McLeod, one of Eduabord tutors, gave an interview in which he told about his Eduboard experience and gave some nice suggestions to new tutors.


Subjects: Chemistry, Math, Physics

Eduboard tutoring experience: 3 months

Students: 14

Rating: 4.75/5

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with Minors in Mathematics and Music at Brigham Young University. Currently working toward a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of…

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High School Graduation: How many won’t make it to the end?

School dropouts have always been a problem. Well, those who are likely to face it are not usually aware of the fast-approaching inevitable blow. Consider what the numbers have to say:

  • About 1/3 of students entering Grade Nine this year will fail to graduate from high school in four years.
  • About 92% of students think that they will finish high school; however, the national graduation rate is around 75%.
  • Every year 1.3 million students drop out of school which is 7,000 every day or 1…

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Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch This Year


The most wonderful time of the year is approaching quickly and soon there will be family gatherings, fancy parties and happy people everywhere. There are a lot of things associated with Christmas: presents, tasty food and decorated trees. But what holiday would it really be without Christmas movies that everybody loves and knows and waits to watch? These movies have become an essential part of our holiday spirit.

Even the most celebrated film critic might find himself at a…

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Five Online Degree Fields That Have Been Popular in 2013


There is no secret that education is essential for a prosperous and thriving future. Employers prefer to hire people who have either degrees or field-specific training. Giving up jobs and attending college full-time is not an option for people who have to provide for their families in times of economic instability. That is why there is such a high demand for online education which presents wonderful opportunities to combine school with family and work commitments. Online tutoring…

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Seven Essential Lifelong Learning Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Use


Assuming that neither school nor college have been able to completely put you off studying anything, learning is a great and fun process! It allows people to expand their horizons, develop useful skills and obtain new knowledge that can positively affect and improve one’s personal and professional life.

However, once they close the door of their Alma Mater behind them, most people mistakenly believe learning is over and from now on, they only need to polish the skills they…

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