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5 Best Colleges That Offer Education Online

The era of Internet technology has opened up tremendous opportunities for humanity. One of these opportunities is high-quality online education. And we’re not talking about self-training by videos and short online courses for all-around development.

Nowadays students can choose an online education format and get a real diploma. But it’s not all that easy. It’s of high importance to choose a good college or university at least. It takes time and effort to examine the statistics and what other students say about every particular school. To speed this process up we will offer some options that have proven their high positions in different rankings.

Why Some Students Choose Distance Learning

Usually, students choose the online format because it’s convenient. Many online students combine studying with work or other activities. Also, it will be perfect for students who have to change residences a lot or travel frequently. Even when online students can’t listen to a lecture for some reason, they have the opportunity to catch up by watching the recordings.

Online studying doesn’t mean less studying! Students on distance learning have almost the same assignments and lectures. The material is pretty much the same for every participant in the educational process. Thus, online education has the same value as offline one.

Requirements For Enrolling in An Online Academic Course

Requirements vary depending on what college or university you choose. But there are general demands that a student must meet to get enrolled. You have to check those preconditions by yourself.

In any case, a potential student has to turn in specific documents and sit some tests. Also, pay attention to G.P.A. requirements. The higher the average G.P.A. is, the harder it is to become a part of this specific institution. Still, some universities accept applicants with midpoint or even low scores.

Top Colleges with Variety of Online Programs

  • University of Florida (UF)

    Location: Gainesville, Florida
    Average G.P.A.: 4.5
    Accredited by: The Southern Association of Colleges; Schools Commission on Colleges
    A potential student has the opportunity to choose from 200 programs if they decide to go for distance learning in this college. Among the options for a huge selection are Business Administration, PR, Computer Science and much more. Also, no problems with getting a Master’s degree, and your degree will be the same as on-campus students get. Also, there is a way to get a grant even if you’re attending online. To enroll, a potential student has to meet specific requirements of the UF.

  • California State University-Bakersfield (CSUB)

    Location: Bakersfield, California
    Average G.P.A.: 3.3
    Accredited by: The WASC Senior College and University Commission
    This educational institution aims to make its online students’ curriculum flexible. It designs programs in such a manner that attendants can combine learning with work. Personalization of learning makes the overall atmosphere light and comfortable. Here a student can choose a program that will be fully or partially online. CSUB offers online Business Administration, Sociology, Kinesiology, Communication, and other programs. But programs like Special Education and Nursing are only partly online. Also, this university accepts students with scores that are below average. Still, alumni of this institution tend to find well-paying jobs.

  • Indiana University-Bloomington (IU)

    Location: Bloomington, Indiana
    Average G.P.A.: 3.9
    Accredited by: The Higher Learning Commission
    This university offers 150 online programs with needful flexibility. Again, with a personalized schedule, you can easily work or attend extra classes. You can choose whatever your heart desires, from Arts to Criminal Justice. Also, this educational institutions’ reputation is almost perfect. Its depth of research and the relevance of education earned it the title of Public Ivy university.

  • University of Connecticut (UC)

    Location: Storrs, Connecticut
    Average G.P.A.: 3.77
    Accredited by: The New England Commission of Higher Education
    You can pave your way up to the Master’s degree online at this university. Overall, the results won’t be worse if you pursue your dream diligently. The distance learning format here allows online attendants to plan their schedules freely. Thus, many students find an effective way to combine work and education.

  • The University of Texas at Austin (UT)

    Location: Austin, Texas
    Average G.P.A.: 3.83
    Accredited by: The Southern Association of Colleges; Schools Commission on Colleges
    Another great online studying option for both traditional and non-traditional students. We have to highlight that here students can design their schedule at its finest. Flexibility allows you to begin learning at any time. The same thing works for assignments, so students can decide their own pace of studying. In the 2021 rankings, it took 13th place among public institutions. In international ranking “Best Global Universities” it took 34th place.

Key Benefits and Drawbacks of Studying Online

There are fors and againsts in every format of studying. And online education is not an exception. But if you think you can manage the againsts and enjoy the fors at their maximum, then distance learning will be the best for you.

+ No extra expenses

Students who choose distance learning don’t spend cash on public transport or gas. They also don’t have to contribute to campus maintenance.

+ No need to rush

Students on distance learning don’t need to work extra on time management. They’ve got their classes right on their computer or smartphone.

+ Changing your place is not obligatory

Some on-campus students find it hard to adapt to the campus. Moving overall is a lot of stress. But it won’t bother online students at all. They can live wherever they please and still get their degree.

+ An opportunity to work

Sitting in a lecture hall (and getting to it) takes eons of time. It makes office work almost impossible. Offline students either miss classes or can work only on a part-time job. In turn, online students can manage a full-time job or other matters more freely.

+ Home coziness

Studying can be comfortable. It’s especially comfy when you are listening to a lecture in your armchair while drinking tea.

– Home coziness X2

Overall comfort can make you distracted. Being focused is very important but it’s difficult when your cat is purring on your knees.

– No physical activity

If you also work online, constant sitting can lead to severe physical inactivity. And that can evolve into health problems.

– Urgent need for self-organization

You have to force yourself to study even with a minimum of desire. Online learning is not easier than offline format as you’ll still have to go through the same material. You’ll have to decide the schedule by yourself and then strictly follow it.

Scholarships You Can Get

If you think there is no way to get a scholarship being an online student, then take a look at the table below!

Scholarships for online students Payout Process of application
Get Educated Online College Scholarship $1000 Students get this scholarship if they have academic merit or financial needs. They have to write an essay about the meaning of online learning for them.
“No Essay” College Scholarship $2000 Fill in the form. Yeah, they are not asking you to write any paper. But you must be at least 18 at the moment of applying. You also have to be planning to go to college within 12 months.
College Greenlight Varies This organization helps students who are the first ones in their families who get a degree. Also, it helps the underrepresented participants of the educational process. Requirements vary.
Undergraduate Distance Learning Degrees Academic Scholarships $500 It doesn’t matter which major you are getting a degree in. You have the right to apply for it if you possess 30 semester credit hours and have U.S. citizenship. To get this scholarship, you have to be an active participant in extracurricular activities. And that must be there with having good scores and some academic achievements.

FAQ About Studying Online

  • Will my college degree be enough to get a good job if I study online?

    Absolutely. Online and offline students study equally important topics and gain almost identical knowledge. If you study diligently and do all the assignments, it doesn’t matter if you are an online or an offline student.

  • Can my potential employers ignore me if I got a degree online?

    If they don’t know what professionalism is, then yes. But if they are adequate, they will treat you as any other applicant. But this works only if you finished an online course from an accredited college or university.

  • Is it expensive to study online?

    You’ll still pay for the course but you won’t have to spend cash on things like transport or campus. Also, some colleges make studying cheaper for online students but you’ll have to find out more by yourself.

  • Can I get a degree 100% online?

    Sometimes, yes. But some courses require practical learning as well. You might get asked to come to the campus a couple of times for tests or real practice. But that’s just 1-2 events in a semester or less often.

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